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Community recap: Singing puppets in hot air balloons

The study group transforms into puppets as part of a therapy session to rehash a hot air balloon adventure gone wrong. There are drugs, dirty secrets and a lot of singing!

The gang turns into puppets for therapy

The long awaited puppet episode finally arrived and it was worth the wait! Aside from turning the Greendale gang into wide-eyed, big-mouthed felt covered puppets, there were also a few memorable surprises along the way. This episode was actually a musical with a few original songs and two guest stars — Sara Bareilles and Jason Alexander.

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After a wild weekend in the woods, the gang regroups at Greendale, but no one wants to talk about their adventure. To inspire communication, Dean Pelton brings in puppets. It’s supposed to be all the rage in therapy these days and help people open up about their feelings. It certainly worked.

Bored with their mundane routine, the group decides to take a hot air balloon ride, but they accidentally leave behind their guide, Sara Bareilles. They crash land in the middle of the woods and meet a mountain man (Jason Alexander) who feeds them hallucinogenic berries. High on nature’s fruit, they divulge their darkest secrets.

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In their intoxicated state, everyone was doing a lot more talking than listening. Everyone remembers sharing their own secrets but can’t remember hearing anyone else’s. Unfortunately for Shirley, she confesses her secret again and is completely ashamed. In support, Jeff convinces the group to rehash everyone’s secrets and here’s what we learned:

Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) once left her kids in a store to stalk her ex, Britta’s (Gillian Jacobs) only voting experience is with The Voice, Annie (Alison Brie) cheated in history class, Pierce (Chevy Chase) never slept with Eartha Kitt, Jeff’s (Joel McHale) just like his father and Abed (Danny Pudi) has no real secrets.

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Reliving the experience sober brought the group closer and they realized they all have more respect for each other. Except maybe not for Britta.

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