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Fiction meets TV: A Grey’s Anatomy mashup

Love the TV show Grey’s Anatomy? Well, there are quite a few books that fit right in with the show. Check out a few we’ve handpicked just for you!

Monday Mornings

Monday Mornings
Sanjay Gupta

Yes, we know that Monday Mornings was turned into its own TV show, but we can’t help but recommend it for Grey’s Anatomy fans. This fictional story is about a group of neurosurgeons at a Michigan hospital, and how they hold life and death in their hands each and every day. It doesn’t hurt that it’s written by a neurosurgeon who also happens to be CNN’s chief medical correspondent, so he knows how medicine and real life intertwine.


Complications: A Surgeon’s Notes on an Imperfect Science
Atul Gawande

The doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital know a thing or two about making mistakes, both personally and professionally. Atul Gawande’s book is a reminder that doctors are, above all things, human. They make mistakes and learn from them. It’s an honest book, but somehow, despite the fact that Gawande is talking about imperfections, it will restore your faith in doctors as real people who have a sincere desire to help those around them.

Cutting for stone

Cutting for Stone
Abraham Verghese

Abraham Verghese’s novel clocks in at 600-plus pages, yet each and every second of it is absolutely fascinating. It’s set in Ethiopia and follows the story of twins Shiva and Marion. It’s an epic novel and will sweep you away with its breadth, but Verghese still manages to keep the reader connected to the story. Why do we recommend it for Grey’s Anatomy fans? Well, it’s set at a hospital and focuses on surgery.

In stitches

In Stitches: A Memoir
Anthony Youn

Have you missed Dr. Mark Sloan, the daring McSteamy who loved his specialty, plastic surgery? Well, then you should try Anthony Youn’s memoir on for size. Youn is a world-renowned plastic surgeon, at the forefront of his discipline, but it wasn’t always that way. As a boy, Youn was a geeky Asian-American kid , and he chronicles all the highs and lows of medical school in this book.

Between Expectations: Lessons from a Pediatric Residency
Meghan Weir

Yes, we know that the docs on Grey’s Anatomy are surgeons, but many of the trials and tribulations of the show do focus on the craziness that is a medical residency. Meghan Weir writes a thought-provoking examination of the three years that she spent as a pediatric resident, expounding on the highs and lows of the unforgettable experience.

Between expectations:

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