VIDEO: Taylor Swift’s Diet Coke commercial featuring “22

Taylor Swift is rivaling Beyoncé when it comes to big endorsement contracts. On Thursday, the singer’s new Diet Coke commercial debuted featuring her latest single, “22.”


Move over, Beyoncé! There’s a new pop star in town promoting another soda brand. Instead of Jay-Z’s wife and her favorite drink, Pepsi, it’s Taylor Swift and her soda of choice, Diet Coke.

On Thursday, the beverage giant released their new commercial featuring the talents of the crossover artist and her new single “22.” The ad showcases Swift writing the song in various locations while fans are shown singing the song in their car, at work and out at a club with friends. The commercial encourages viewers to “stay extraordinary.”

It looks like the Grammy winner finds the bubbly, sugary drink a great source of inspiration in writing bubbly pop songs. It clearly inspired the lyrics shown in the commercial, “It feels like a perfect night to dress up like hipsters/Make fun of our exes/I don’t know about you/But I’m feeling 22.”

Swift, who is now 23 years old, announced her deal with Diet Coke back in late January which the Coca-Cola Company confirmed in a press release as a “long-term partnership with the superstar.”

The campaign is expected to include commercials as well as “advertising, retail activation, experiential and more.”

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It’s unknown how much the young musician signed the deal for, but it certainly stirred up that old Beyoncé/Swift rivalry that began in Kanye West’s head. He even took the time to rant and rave about their soda deals back in February.

Swift is no stranger to endorsement deals. She has worked closely with other brands like Target, Sony, CoverGirl and Elizabeth Arden in the past.

Watch Taylor Swift’s new Diet Coke commercial.

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