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Glee recap: “Shooting Star

When they said “Shooting Star,” they didn’t mean rising to fame. Arguably the most powerful episode of Glee yet, the show dealt with last chances through a very real school shooting scare at McKinley.

Glee cast

I knew it was going to be like no other episode of Glee when the warning popped up before the episode began, explaining that this episode dealt with school violence. It was like those warning signs that proclaim, “Not for the faint of heart.”

Then Brittany comes on stage and explains that an asteroid is about to hit McKinley. Some of the kids at McKinley take the warning to heart and see it as a last chance to confess their deepest thoughts and desires. Brittany wants to make amends with Lord Tubbington. Ryder makes plans to finally meet his mystery online girl. Coach Beiste wants to lose her virginity to Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison). And Becky confesses she’s afraid to graduate.

Funny right? Not when the gunshots sound.

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Song #1: Elton John’s “Your Song”

We heard rumors that Glee would be tackling the topic of school violence. But a school shooting? Is it too soon? Or a prevalent issue that television should be taking on?

During the shooting, the Glee kids make their real confessions through a phone video Artie uses to document their potential last words. Kitty admits she altered Marley’s dresses to make her think she was fat. Most of the kids tell their family and friends how much they love them. Ryder calls his online girlfriend Katie. A phone rings in the glee club classroom, which means Katie is actually a student at McKinley.

Brittany and Sam in Glee

Luckily, no one was hurt during the episode of Glee.

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Song #2: Extreme’s “More Than Words”

But, causing even more drama, we discover Sue (Jane Lynch) is at fault. Turns out she keeps a gun in her office because it makes her feel safer. When she took it out of the safe to check it, it accidentally went off. She was so startled, she dropped it, and the gun went off a second time.

Needless to say, the school is firing Sue.

This brings up a whole new crop of issues. Should it be acceptable for teachers to carry weapons?

Mr. Schue doesn’t buy Sue’s story about the gun.

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Song #3: John Mayer’s “Say What You Need to Say”

In a flashback, we see that Mr. Schue is right to have his reservations. Turns out, Becky was feeling really nervous about graduating and being left out in the world. She tells Sue she needs help and proceeds to pull a loaded gun from her bag. Sue tells Becky to give her the gun, and when Becky does, she accidentally fires it.

Sue tells Mr. Schue to watch out for Becky. Hinting that Becky is tough but gets scared sometimes. Could Sue be gone from the show for good?

Meanwhile, Ryder goes to meet his mystery online girl. She doesn’t show up or answer his texts.

The glee club kids are reasonably shaken by the school shooting incident. They meet in the auditorium for their own assembly in an attempt to deal with the fear.

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