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The Following sneak peek: “Havenport

Poor Joey is just being used as a pawn left and right by the cult. On this week’s episode, Roderick kidnaps Joey when Carroll gets aggressive.

Weston and Parker in The Following

The Following is gearing up for its season finale at the end of this month, and that means every character is either having a panic attack or is close to having one. Joe Carroll is finally having a bad day, but it looks like this episode might be the first real win for Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and the FBI.

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Roderick snaps after weeks of enduring Carroll’s condescending attitude. However, it looks like he isn’t leaving without a fight. He’s taking Joey with him as leverage. Once again, Joey is being used as the innocent pawn in all this. This kid is going to have some serious psychological repercussions.

Somehow in this episode, Claire (Natalie Zea) is motivated to get intimate with Carroll (James Purefoy). It seems pretty clear that the going-in-for-a-kiss moment in the preview isn’t lust. We don’t see Claire’s opinion toward Carroll changing that quickly. Still, things must be pretty bad if she’s even considering intimacy with that nut job. We’re guessing this scene happens before Roderick kidnaps Joey. Carroll is, after all, the one who put the kid in the precarious situation to begin with.

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Weston (Shawn Ashmore) takes the most surprising turn. He started this season ambitious and eager to be part of the investigation. Now, he’s been pushed to the edge. Not only did he easily and unnecessarily beat the heck out of a guy on the last episode, but it appears he isn’t getting any better this week. Weston recognizes Roderick, just as we suspected he would. Instead of apprehending him with reasonable steps, Weston pulls his gun on Roderick in the middle of the sheriff’s station. All of the officers think Weston is the threat instead of Roderick, and Roderick is able to slip out the door.

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Don’t worry: Roderick doesn’t get very far. The FBI apprehends him. He’s not shy about selling out the cult, either. In the preview, he eagerly tells the FBI he wants to make a deal. Carroll’s probably going to start wishing he’d been a little nicer to Roderick.

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