Trisha Yearwood's figure steals the show at the ACM Awards

Apr 9, 2013 at 12:45 p.m. ET

Trisha Yearwood showed up at Sunday's ACM Awards with a new figure and outlook on life. While she is watching what she eats, she isn't staying away from the Southern food she loves so much.

Trisha Yearwood

With all the glitz and glamour of the Academy of Country Music Awards, a surprise guest stole the attention away from many country and music stars. Country singer Trisha Yearwood had everyone looking with her new slimmed down look.

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The weight loss wasn’t by accident though. Yearwood has become somewhat of a food connoisseur. She hosts a show, Trisha’s Southern Kitchen, on the Food Network and has written multiple cookbooks. She recently said that she tries to avoid sugar, but does let herself eat mac and cheese “once in a while.”

Yearwood spoke with People back in February at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival about her weight loss.

"I've been dieting and exercising and I've lost about 20 pounds," she told the magazine, according to USA Today.

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The important part of Yearwood’s plan is that she knows she is just human, and does what she can to not overindulge, while still enjoying food.

"Real people battle their weight," she said. "We all struggle between eating healthy and falling off the wagon. That's how I live!"

Yearwood’s husband Garth Brooks performed at Sundays ACM Awards along with George Strait, and he is a supporter of her new career. He will join her on her TV show Thursday, April 11.

“One of the ways she has done that is by mixing it up and making exercising fun,” Yearwood’s spokesperson told the L.A. Times. “As the host of Trisha's Southern Kitchen, she still makes her traditional recipes like mac and cheese and country quiche, but those dishes are balanced with the moderation she has always spoken about."

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The country singer’s body-hugging dress was designed by Stella McCartney for the ACM Awards show. But after the ceremony is over, she will return to her day job, teaching America how to enjoy what you eat, even while watching your weight.

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