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Revolution recap: “The Song Remains the Same

While the rebels are training with bows and arrows and swords, Monroe gets his hands on a nuke. Rachel heads to The Tower to even the playing field by attempting to turn the power back on.

Nate in Revolution

In this episode of Revolution, Rachel finally spills the details about the power. Turns out, the team Rachel was working with deployed “a couple hundred quadrillion” tiny virus-size computers that had two programs: Absorb energy and replicate. She explains that something went wrong at the tower, which caused the microcomputers to reproduce at a rapid rate.

Aaron wants to head to The Tower immediately to figure out what went wrong so they can fix it and turn the power back on. Rachel isn’t interested. She says the mission would be dangerous. Plus, Rachel doesn’t want to leave Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) again.

Neville’s last chance

Monroe (David Lyons) gives Neville a mission, but warns him that it’s basically his last chance to get things right. Randall’s there during the meeting encouraging Monroe’s growing distrust.

Neville heads out on his mission, but is quickly thwarted by the rebels. They capture Neville and hold him prisoner. The plan is to torture him for information about where he was headed.

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Meanwhile, Nate (or Jason, as Charlie knows him) joins the rebels. He hears that his dad is being held and wants to see him. He goes to the room where they’re holding his father and confronts him, wanting to know why Neville saw him as such a disappointment. Neville, of course, just wants to escape from the rebels and tells Nate what he wants to hear.

When that doesn’t convince Nate to release Neville, Neville warns that if he doesn’t return, Nate’s mother will be in danger. That is enough to trigger Nate. He releases Neville and says he’s going with him to complete this mission so they can save his mom. Neville tells him they have to head to a cement plant.

Once Neville spills the location, Nate reveals that he was playing Neville. Miles (Billy Burke) and Padre had been listening to the whole conversation. And now they know where Neville is headed on his mission.

Bows and arrows vs. nuclear weaponsMiles in Revolution

By this time, Monroe knows something has gone wrong with the mission. He sends Randall to complete the trade.

The rebels, including Charlie, head to the cement plant where they find silver boxes with hazard signs on them and drawing plans of bombs. Turns out, Monroe was trading for a nuclear weapon.

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Despite a gun battle between the Militia and the rebels, Randall gets away with the nuke.

At the same time, Neville is able to escape the rebels. He somehow gets his hands on a nail, which he uses to untie his hands. He also finds a knife. He kills Padre and escapes. He makes it back to the city, and he and his wife go on the run.

Rachel heads to The Tower

The rebels report back to the camp about the nuke. When Rachel hears, she decides she has to go to The Tower to even the playing field between the rebels and the Militia.

Miles doesn’t want her to go. Rachel says she has to, which means Miles will have to take care of Charlie. Their goodbye results in a steamy make-out, which begs so many questions. When did this whole Miles and Rachel relationship thing happen? If it’s been going on for a while, is Ben really Charlie’s dad? Or could it be Miles?

The show hasn’t really breached the specifics of the Miles/Rachel relationship yet other than to make it clear they had one. With all the illusions of past mistreatment though, it makes me wonder.

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I’m also slightly confused about the whole tower situation. Is anyone else? Rachel said she’s heading to The Tower to turn the power back on. It’s a long journey, but somehow it equates to her never returning again. Will turning the power back on at The Tower require her to do something that will cost her life? Because, otherwise, wouldn’t she just be able to hop in a car after the power returns and be back with Charlie in a matter of days?

The show ends with Rachel and Aaron heading off to The Tower. Somehow, I don’t think it’s the last we — or Charlie — will see from them.

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