Music review: M83 feat. Susanne Sundfør “Oblivion”

The soundtrack for the upcoming sci-fi flick Oblivion has been released, and the title track is out of this world.

M83 frontman singing

First, there was The Dark Knight Rises. Then, there was Tron and Inception.

OK, so what do they have in common?

Sure, they were hits in their own right, but they also had noticeably remarkable soundtracks. So, it’s clearly too soon to gauge where Tom Cruise‘s upcoming sci-fi film Oblivion will skyrocket into the galaxy or plummet at the box office. But, the title track “Oblivion” by the French electro-geniuses of M83 also featuring Norwegian singer Susanne Sundfør shows great promise for the film and the accompanying soundtrack.

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The movie Oblivion, which is based on a graphic novel, strives to be more than just a pretty face (Tom’s face to be more specific). As a result, the existential question of “what’s in a name?” arises. The title track brings forth a thumping backdrop combined with restraint-free vocals that make for a wildly entertaining ride.

What makes it so wild? It’s confusing!

It has a ’80s vibe (almost a “Take on Me” a-Ha sound?) with the instrumentals, but then Susanne’s borderline punky (yes, you heard me) voice appears. As it gains momentum, so does its ability to make you only wish this was the soundtrack to your own life. The song gets your pulse racing, but has an oddly nostalgic vibe — make sure to drop a comment and let me know what you think!

All necessary components for a title track, I’d say. Oh, and if it sounds familiar to Tron, Joseph Trapanese, who is the composer for Tron: Uprising, worked on this track.

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Stop everything you’re doing and go press play. I mean it. You’ll be ahead of the curve, and better off than your late friends who only discovered Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive” during The Host trailer. Enjoy!

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