Will I be single forever?

Taylor Swift admitted in a recent interview that she’s worried about being single forever. Let’s just say that I can relate.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s love life is a punch line now, but perhaps her serial dating might stem from her fear of being alone.

At least that’s what seemed to emerge from her interview for Wonderland magazine.

“I have no idea if I’m going to get married or be single forever or have a family or just be on my own,” Swift said in the interview. “You know, paint in a cottage by the ocean by myself. I just have no idea and I’m kind of into that. You can make a board for all the goals you want in your life with the pictures on it, and that’s great, daydreaming is wonderful, but you can never plan your future.”

I totally understand the feeling, Tay Tay. The problem? I’m a few years older than she is, and it seems like my future is almost certain to revolve around solo trips to the grocery store and sympathetic nods from my married friends.

It all came to a terrifying head a few weeks ago. I mean, I’ve always had the thought of “OMG I’m 30 and 100 percent single,” in the back of my mind, but somehow I always avoided worrying about it.

Until I went to a new doctor.

“So, you’re not married?” the doc asked, trying to get to know me as a new patient.

“Nope,” I replied.

“No husband or kids or anything?” he continued with a hint of surprise in his voice. Was the surprise that I’m so awesome and he can’t believe I’m not attached? Or that he can’t believe anyone my age is actually single? I couldn’t decide.

Uh no, buddy,” I thought about saying. Instead, I pulled out my default response of “Someday!” and he finally dropped it.

Panic set in after that conversation. The vast majority of my friends are married with children, but I’m completely single with no real prospects on the horizon.

Am I really that weird to be single?

Did I mention I’ll be 31 in less than two months? Yeah, so there’s that.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not desperate and won’t make any rash decisions just to have someone in my life. I’ve never been that way. Still, I can’t help but have that feeling at the back of my mind like “When’s my turn?” or “Will I ever have a turn?”

At least Taylor Swift knows how I feel.

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