5 Hot on-screen kisses that deserve an MTV Movie Award

From Twilight to The Sessions, five 2013 kisses that didn’t get the nod and shoulda.

Anna Karenina still

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson’s lips have worn out their welcome.

The pair is the all-time Best Kiss champs at the MTV Movie Awards, having come to the podium to accept four separate Best Kiss wins for their various Twilight clinches.

But this year, even the ultra-romantic final love scene with the flowers and the grass and the couple repeating “Forever” to each other while they locked weird reddish vampiric eyes couldn’t get any love.

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Similarly, all the steamy sex scenes in The Sessions between Helen Hunt and John Hawkes, wherein Hunt was a sex surrogate hired to help invalid Hawkes lose his virginity, didn’t make an impact in the MTV world.

The New York Times called The Sessions “a touching, profoundly sex-positive film that equates sex with intimacy, tenderness and emotional connection instead of performance, competition and conquest,” but maybe the leads skewed too old for the MTV crowd.

Michelle Williams, at 32, may have fallen through the MTV cracks for the same reason, despite delivering potent love scenes for her under-seen 2013 romance Take This Waltz.

The Unfaithful-like plot has Williams cheating on her nice-guy husband (Seth Rogen) with Luke Kirby. The scenes where the two are getting together are the most jolting, particularly one scene that takes place over two-in-the-afternoon martinis wherein Kirby lays out everything he’d like to do to Williams in one long, unbelievable monologue. The steamy scenes that follow are thus made all the more toe-curling.

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Meanwhile, the hot scenes between Marion Cotillard and Matthias Schoenaerts in Rust and Bone might have been a little unusual for MTV: They all take place after Cotillard’s character has lost both of her legs in a whale-related accident at Sea World.

But who knows what kept the thrillingly romantic love scene between Keira Knightley and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in Anna Karenina out of the running? Maybe the fact that few saw it was the problem.

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