Blake Shelton & Luke Bryan take bromance to the ACMs

Apr 8, 2013 at 2:07 a.m. ET

Raise your hand if you think Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan should host every country music awards show for the rest of time? We're definitely raising our hands — these two brought the laughs to the 2013 ACM Awards with their quick humor and ball-busting style. Let's remember some of their best jokes of the night.

Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan at the ACM AwardsOn Luke Bryan's jeans

Blake: "How about a shout out to the Sherwin Williams company for spray-painting Luke's jeans on for him tonight?"

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On their friendship

Blake: "Luke and I are buddies in real life."

Luke: "Yeah, this isn't some made up country fiction like the show Nashville, where a faded, aging superstar is forced to team up with a hot, young sensation."

On Carrie Underwood

Blake: "Carrie [Underwood] recently said that she loves her husband so much that if he ever asked her to give up her career for him, that she would do it for him. Do you think that you could ever show that kind of love and commitment if your partner asked you to quit?

Luke: "I totally could. Yeah, man, I could."

Blake: "Good. Then I'm asking you to quit."

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On Kelly Clarkson's engagement

Luke: "There's the beautiful Miss Kelly Clarkson."

Blake: "Kelly recently got engaged, and the lucky man she got engaged to happens to be my manager."

Luke: "Congratulations to him for finally surrounding himself with some real talent."

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On Miranda Lambert's performance

Blake: "The coolest thing is that this morning I saw her naked."

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