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Game of Thrones recap: “Dark Wings, Dark Woods

Season 3 is off to a record-breaking start, and this episode seems to be building up to something more epic than anything we’ve seen so far. Here’s the lowdown on what happened this week.

Game of Thrones

The usual blood and guts were lacking from the latest episode of Game of Thrones Season 3. While we’re certain they’ll be back soon enough, this week was all about catching up with some of our favorite characters and moving the plot along (toward the next bloodbath, of course). So, here’s what’s going on with a few of the players.

Game of Thrones Bran

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All about Bran

Bran’s dreams have become a mix of fond memories and visions of the future, most of which are changed just slightly to include the three-eyed raven or an unfamiliar boy. Osha, who remains faithful to Rickon and Bran, refuses to hear his dreams, not wanting any part of Bran’s “magic.” Along the way, Bran finally meets the boy, Jojen, and his older sister, Meera.

Jojen is the first person who can explain Bran’s dreams to him because Jojen is having the exact same ones. Everything Bran has dreamt, so has Jojen, which makes them fast friends. It’s still too early to tell how trustworthy Jojen and Meera are, but at least we better understand Bran’s “gift” as a skinchanger (or warg). Bran is able to enter the mind of his direwolf and see what she sees. It’s a gift we also see on display in one of the wildlings while Jon is with them beyond the wall.

Sansa + Margaery = BFFs?

This episode changed our minds about both Sansa and Margaery. Most of our scoffing toward Sansa seems to have disippated, and we like Margaery… though we’re still skeptical. Margaery invites Sansa to lunch with her grandmother, and at the table, the old, blunt woman pesters Sansa for the truth about Joffrey. Sansa is reserved at first, obviously trying to save her head. Eventually she breaks down, though, and tells the women just some of the things he’s done to her.

“He’s a monster,” she tells them.

How will that affect things? We’re not sure. But the next time we see Margaery, she’s flirting with Joffrey as he toys with his new bow and arrow. Is she being cunning only to make her future less awful… or will she turn on Sansa, too?

Brienne and Jaime face offGame of Thrones

These two. Since their journey began, we’ve seen hints of their chemistry. And, yes, it is chemistry. They may seem to hate each other, but the way in which their hate manifests is pure gold. Never has their disgust (and yet mild admiration) been more on display than in this episode. When Jaime manages to free himself from the leash upon which Brienne leads him, the two find themselves in a sword fight. Jaime’s quick wit is hysterical, especially when met with Brienne’s surliness. The best part: Brienne wipes the floor/bridge with the “Kingslayer.”

Of course, they end up running into someone who recognizes Jaime, and before long they find themselves face-to-face with slew of sword-bearing folks. Looks like soon enough Jaime will be back in Robb’s possession.

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Queen Catelyn shows her dark side

GoT is no stranger to villains, but this one is a little overwhelming to believe. In a moment of tenderness, Catelyn told Robb’s new wife about her feelings toward Jon Snow. When Jon was a baby and Ned brought him home, Queen Cat apparently prayed that the poor, motherless infant would die. She didn’t want to look into the eyes of the bastard and wanted the reminder of her husband’s infidelity to go far, far away. When Jon contracted a fever and became deathly ill, though, she realized what a wretched person she’d been. She prayed for the gods to keep all her children healthy, including Jon, and promised to love him as her own. As we know, though, she definitely broke her promise. Is that why all of her children are now in danger in some way or another?


Jon is still hanging out with the wildlings. He’s quickly found himself bonding with their king. While hanging out with some of the soldiers, he also has his first (known) encounter with a warg. What the warg sees is far from promising.

Sam is continuing to have a rough time, especially now that Jon isn’t there to have his back. Two of Jon’s buddies still (kind of) look out for him. But another of the Night’s Watch wants to abandon their brother. Luckily, the man in charge has his back and forbids Sam to die. Nice.

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And Arya and the boys? After escaping Lord Tywin’s rule, they’ve headed through the woods and have done well for themselves. That is, until they stumble upon a band of ramblers. At first, it seems like the men will have their heads. Arya manages to pique the leader’s curiosity, though. Instead of killing them, he offers them a free meal and — after an impromptu sword fight, which Arya doesn’t even stand a chance at winning — sends them on their way. One problem: Another group of men show up, and in their possession is the Hound. As Arya tries to sneak out, he recognizes her and identifies her as a Stark. Dangit! And all this time we thought the Hound was a semi-decent guy. He was always somewhat kind to Sansa.

Oh yeah… and Theon is locked up and being tortured in a dungeon. Does anyone care? Not us!

What will happen? We have no idea. But we’re certainly tempted to pick up the books and find out. Who knows? Maybe we’ll have some spoilers for you soon enough!

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