Chris Brown hopes no one else is “hitting” Rihanna

Chris Brown is a little worried about his lady friend Rihanna going out on tour without the benefit of his watchful eye to keep her in line.

Chris Brown

If you were Chris Brown, you’d probably be really careful not to use the word “hitting” in the same conversation with “Rihanna.” Chris Brown is not so conscious of his word choices, however.

The “Don’t Wake Me Up” singer made a tasteless gaffe during a radio interview with Power 105.1, and although he was talking about something completely different, everyone’s minds immediately went back to the night he left Rihanna bruised and bloody in the passenger’s seat of his car.

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In the interview, Brown was talking about being jealous while Rihanna is on tour without him and said, “I’m just a regular guy so I be thinking, man I hope nobody’s hitting that.”

The singer was using obviously using slang to say he hopes Rihanna won’t cheat, but people picked up on the unfortunate undertone quickly.

“Don’t worry Chris you are the only one who hits her,” wrote Crazy Days and Nights blogger “Enty Lawyer” on Facebook.

It was just a few weeks ago that Brown rapped about owning his girlfriend, specifically a certain part of her anatomy.

What does Brown think of people constantly reminding him of what he called “the biggest regret of my life,” the night he beat Rihanna? He DGAF anymore, quite frankly.

“I gotta take that on the chin, I can’t expect people to forget, but at the end of the day I’m rich and I’m happy,” he gloated.

But back to Rihanna cheating. “You can’t be the jealous boyfriend,” he said. “I can’t be calling her constantly asking what she’s doing so I just gotta put that trust out there and hope nothing happens.”

“If it was another girl it would be cool, I ain’t with that if it was another guy.”

Typical dude.

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