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Top 10 questions for The Vampire Diaries finale

There are only five episodes left in Season 4 of The Vampire Diaries. With Elijah’s hands on the cure and Elena’s hands around people’s necks, the race for the cure is still anyone’s game.

The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Cast

When we last saw The Vampire Diaries, before the hiatus, Elena (Nina Dobrev) was killing innocent people to get the Salvatore brothers off her back. Caroline was on the verge of admitting she has feelings for bad boy Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Bonnie was being manipulated by Silas. Katherine gave Elijah the cure to do with as he saw fit. And prom was just around the corner, along with graduation. With so much happening, it’s hard to hurry up and wait until the show returns April 18. In the meantime, here are the questions we need answered before Season 4 ends.


Whom will Elijah decide deserves the cure?

Elijah in The Vampire Diaries

On the last episode, Katherine handed over the cure. Now, she most likely has ulterior motives, but that doesn’t mean things will pan out as she expects. Elijah seemed like he could potentially take pity on Elena and hand the cure over to the Salvatore brothers. Or he could go along with Katherine’s plan and give it to Klaus (which is pretty much like giving it to Silas). Let’s be honest: The odds aren’t looking good that Rebekah will get her hands on it.


Will Elena turn her humanity back on?

Elena, Stefan and Damon in The Vampire Diaries

Executive producer Julie Plec has sort of already answered this one for us. According to her, of course Elena won’t stay in the dark, emotionless place forever. But we’re told the journey back to humanity will get worse before it gets better. We just hope to see it by the end of the season. Emotionless Elena is becoming a downer.

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Is Stefan really moving on from Elena?

Stefan and Elena in The Vampire Diaries

He is so emotionally invested in what happens to her, it’s hard to believe Stefan (Paul Wesley) wants to move on. But, as we saw in the last episode, once she regains her humanity, he’s ready to part ways. He thinks it’s what’s best for her. Maybe he’s right. Still, we can’t imagine there never being a Stefan/Elena romantic rekindling. What would the show be without its infamous love triangle?


Is Klaus leaving the show?

The cast of The Originals

The spinoff called The Originals is gaining momentum, which means actor Joseph Morgan will have to part ways with the show in order to fill the lead spot. We hope he doesn’t go forever, though. There are only five episodes left before the season ends. It somehow doesn’t seem like enough time to completely get our Caroline/Klaus fix. Rebekah (Claire Holt) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) are also attached to the spin-off. No word yet on their potential departure either.

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Will the dead return?

Jeremy in The Vampire Diaries

We’re going with yes. It would be pretty anticlimactic if the big event the show’s been taunting us with all season didn’t happen. Plus, we miss Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen). Even more exciting, it also means our other favorites from seasons past may return, like Jenna and Alaric.


Will Klaus and Caroline finally hook up?

Caroline, Tyler and Klaus in The Vampire Diaries

Come on, this has to happen. With Elena more worried about killing people this season than deciding which Salvatore brother she’s interested in, Caroline is the one in the spotlight when it comes to love. The show’s been teasing the Caroline/Klaus relationship now for far too long. It just needs to happen already — at least before the end of this season, especially because Klaus may be exiting the show.


What will happen to Silas?

Shane in The Vampire Diaries

Silas’ entire story line is a bit confusing. He’s now close to breaking the veil between here and the other side. Once he does, he wants to take the cure so he can be reunited with his love without the risk of being trapped in purgatory after dying as Qetsiyah originally planned. We have a feeling Silas will indeed break the veil, causing the supernatural dead to return. Somehow we also think our protagonists will find a way to close it again, leaving Silas trapped on the other side.


Will Bonnie get rid of her expression?

Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries

Bonnie’s magical abilities are getting crazy. She can’t control them anymore, and she’s perfectly fine with killing 12 innocent people since Silas is brainwashing her. Here’s the potential upside: According to Shane, Qetsiyah was only able to create a cure because she was such a strong witch. Perhaps Bonnie is on her way to matching that strength because Silas has been training her. If so, will she be able to create more of the cure on her own?


If/When Elena turns her humanity back on, will she still love Damon?

Damon and Elena in The Vampire Diaries

Did she ever truly love Damon (Ian Somerhalder)? We finally saw the two of them form a relationship, and, it turns out, Elena was sired by him. While it doesn’t completely invalidate the relationship (we all know the two had chemistry way before the bond), it means that once her emotions return, she may find herself a confused girl torn between two brothers. Wait, that’s not new. In fact, it’s just what we’ve come to love from the show. Here’s to the return of the love triangle.


Who gets the cure?

Elena in the Vampire Diaries

We’re chanting Elena’s name from the couch. In the first three seasons, we saw Elena transform from innocent to fighter, training with Alaric so she could fight back against vampires. Then she became a vampire and her brother died and things got depressing. We’re hoping Elena will get the cure and turn over a new leaf. We’re thinking that when she sees Jeremy after the veil is broken, it will be enough to encourage her to turn her emotions back on. Then she’ll take the cure of her own volition.

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