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VIDEO: Blake Shelton disses co-host Luke Bryan

Blake Shelton’s new bromance with ACM co-host Luke Bryan could be on the outs, if Blake has anything to say about it.

The two country hotties sat down to talk about the ins and outs of co-hosting the ACM Awards. While Luke Bryan showed off his 10-gallon grin, Blake Shelton seemed a little less thrilled about his partner in crime.

“In a co-hosting situation, you need somebody to pivot off of… that you can count on, which is why this year, I feel like I really got screwed over,” Shelton said.

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Shelton went on to explain that he felt the requirements for finding a co-host were lacking.

“The ACM just looks for whoever’s getting the hottest country airplay at the moment. Nobody researches can this guy read? Can he memorize? Any background checks?”

“I sent in my SAT score in,” Bryan replied, in his cute Georgia drawl.

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The guys lament that hosting takes a lot of preparation. They have to write all of the jokes themselves, which is no easy task.

“Luke and I have been writing the script for the show for the last 10 minutes or so and I think we got it where we want it,” Shelton said.

While they weren’t about to give any of their jokes away, Shelton did say most of the jokes would rely heavily on country music stereotypes; like how they all have relationships with their cousins.

The dry sarcasm and the all-in-good-fun ribbing makes both of these guys even more lovable.

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Not only are they co-hosts, they are also nominated against each other in two different categories: Male Vocalist of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. Shelton is taking it all in stride.

“I can really say that if I don’t win, I really hope that Luke doesn’t win also,” he said.

With two of the most charming guys in country music co-hosting this year’s ACM Awards, all we can say is that we all win, Blake. We all win.

You can be sure we’ll be watching this bromance blossom as the Academy of Country Music Awards air live on CBS on Sunday, April 7.

Video courtesy of Academy of Country Music/dick clark productions

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