Rogue recap: A new partner in crime?

Apr 4, 2013 at 6:01 a.m. ET

Picking up right where she left off, Grace is in a heap of trouble.

Rogue Recap

The second episode of Rogue picks up, literally, right where the first left off, just after Jimmy Laszlo called Grace (Thandie Newton) by her real name. How does she react?

She punches him and then makes a run for it. She doesn't get too far before he's got her on her butt with a gun to her head. It's there that she confesses everything: She's not working with the cops — they don't want her anymore — and all she's trying to do is find the people who killed her son. The same people that killed Jimmy's accountant and tried to take out Jimmy (or were they aiming for Grace?). He lets her go, but he lets her know she's on his s*** list.

Promises, promises

After her run-in with Jimmy, Grace comes home and her husband finds her in the bathroom, battered and bruised. They go from talking (she promises to settle down) to (ugly) kissing in a matter of seconds. If you have any doubt in your mind about how hot angry sex can be, Grace and Tom demonstrate.

One thought: What did Tom do before becoming a teacher? He's got some serious-looking tattoos.

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The next morning, Grace is still reeling from her encounter with Jimmy and is having security cameras installed. She also demands to take her daughter Evie to school and promises the teenager homemade lasagna.

No surprise: She lets them both down. First, she leaves the bed once her husband falls asleep to investigate a car outside (it's her boss). Then, she bails on dinner after another (more promising) run-in with Laszlo.

Ain't no party like a mob boss party

Rogue Recap

Why does she blow off dinner with Evie? Grace genuinely tries to be a normal mom. But during her visit to the store, Laszlo shows up. He's vague and menacing but charming. He invites her to a party at his house and tells her to bring wine. She's curious... and who can blame her?

The party turns out to be for Jimmy's son, Max, who was just released from prison. Max (Matthew Beard) is an interesting character. While his big brother, Alec, is rough around the edges and looks the part of a guido mob boss's son, Max is more pristine. He had regular chess game buddies. He's a little spacy sometimes and, while all the other prisoners went out to the yard, Max chose to stay inside and read. He's not exactly nerdy... but he's definitely more refined and quieter. It's interesting that he's the one who was arrested. (Especially when we constantly see Alec up to shady business.)

Speaking of shady: Has Alec's wife smacked her gum yet? She's every bit the part of a conniving and pushy mob wife. She trusts (and likes) no one but her husband and is constantly pushing him to take more control over the business. She's not to be trusted.

One big "who dunnit?"

After Jimmy cornered Grace about her true identity, he became even more paranoid than he was previously. During the episode, he sweeps his office for bugs, fondles and examines one of his men's guns and ammo and goes crazy on a banker when money that was supposed to be in an account turns up missing. Where'd the money go? Jimmy goes as far as to harass his accountant's widow and destroy the dead man's office, but the millions of dollars (obviously) don't turn up.

It seems a little like he pulls Grace back in because she seems just as desperate as he is.

While we still think it's possible Jimmy was involved in her son's murder, there are other people on our list, too.

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The possibilities

-Hernandez: When Grace questioned her about how she knew she'd been compromised, Hernandez refused to answer. Hernandez (Claudia Ferri) also has her server set up to let her know when anyone searches for police info about Jimmy. Why?

-Alec or Max: Sure, Max was in prison during the shootings, but he just doesn't seem all that attached to the family. Alec, meanwhile, is ambitious, seems jealous of Max and seems to be doing business on the side.

-Alec's wife: She just seems untrustworthy. Maybe she's a competing mob boss's daughter or something?

-Det. Wilson: It's not the sex with the hooker that makes him untrustworthy so much as, you know, everything else. No matter how "hard" he supposedly looked to find Grace during the first episode... he didn't find her in time, did he? Plus, when the Chinese restaurant goes up in flames, he may have been yelling for Hernandez to get out, but he sure wasn't trying to help her. As a matter of fact, he was backing up in the opposite direction.

Sleeping with the enemy

So, why did Laszlo invite Grace to Max's homecoming party? He doesn't trust anyone. The police department may have a mole, but it looks like Jimmy's organization does, too. He wants Grace's help to figure out who.

Will Grace ever get any answers? Will we? There's only one way to find out...

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