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True Blood Season 6 sneak peek!

Two months and counting until True Blood is back and badder than ever!

True Blood Season 6 PromoTrue Blood‘s Season 5 finale was a bloody mess!

  • Sam (as a fly) killed Roslyn
  • Jason got to kill some vampires
  • Bill killed Salome

And then, he (kind of) killed himself. He drank the Lilith blood and melted into some kind of puddle of bloody goop. However, he suddenly re-formed into a bloody mess of a, well, Bill/Lilith-crossover. So… what’s next? What’s in store for Season 6? Based on HBO’s first promo, it looks like it picks up right where it left off.

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Take a look

That’s a whole lot of naked, bloody Bill and we approve. Now that he’s apparently some sort of vampiric god(dess), he’s destined prove himself as an absolutely treacherous foe. It doesn’t look like Bill (Stephen Moyer) will be the only obstacle this season, however. Last season we saw a major Pam/Tara breakthrough when they kissed. So, what’s happened now to make Tara fend off a nasty slap from Pam? We also see Eric Northman (zombpire, Alexander Skarsgard) dressed up as a detective (and, for once, not a very cute one) while his voice-over proclaims, “If the humans want war, we’ll give them war.” In other words, it looks like Season 6 might be a mess as well, but it’ll also be bloody good.

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6 questions for Season 6 of True Blood:

  1. Who will die next?
  2. What will happen to those four faerie babies?
  3. Will Tara ever be happy?
  4. With the addition of another boy toy, who will Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Pacquin) end up with?
  5. Just how awful of a foe will Bill/Lilith turn out to be?
  6. How many more seasons of True can we expect?

The only way we’ll find out the answers is if we tune in for True Blood Season 6, which premiers on June 16 at 9/8c on HBO. Drink it all in.

No spoilers!

What are you dying to see in True Blood Season 6? Readers: Please don’t ruin it.

Image courtesy of HBO

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