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Revolution recap: “Ghosts

Rachel and Charlie finally reconcile after Danny’s death, while Monroe “lightens up” with help from Randall.

Charlie and Miles in Revolution

Revolution isn’t shy about exposing secrets. The show is quickly revealing important details about why the power went out and how it can be turned back on. Rachel knows something about a tower that will turn the power back on. Plus, we got a peek at the night the power went out from the Department of Defense’s point of view. Let’s just say weaponizing the power was never Rachel’s intention.

Miles officially joins the rebel’s cause

In the aftermath of Danny’s death, the rebels are regrouping while Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and Rachel struggle to connect. Rachel even slaps Charlie when Charlie accuses her of not being there for Danny.

Charlie copes with Danny’s death by going on raids with the rebels. Miles, on the other hand, leaves the town to find a friend named Jim who can help the rebels against the Militia.

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Miles (Billy Burke) doesn’t get quite what he bargained for, however, when he does finally track Jim down. Turns out, Jim has created a life in the small town and even has a wife. And Jim isn’t happy with Miles. The last time he helped Miles was when Miles entered the Militia camp. Jim thinks that after all the work they went through to get Miles in the same room with Monroe, Miles should have killed him. Jim refuses to help.

Miles in Revolution

Rachel knows Randall is tracking the pendants

Meanwhile, Rachel is studying the pendants. She notices them light up and immediately asks Aaron how long that’s been happening. He admits that it is pretty frequently. Rachel knows it means Randall is using the pendants to track them.

Randall has agreed to help the Monroe Militia. He tells Monroe (David Lyons) he can bring him more pendants and power. Randall thinks the key to a peaceful nation is one in which a few hold all the power. He has decided one of those few should be Monroe.

Jim joins the team

A man sees Miles and tells the Militia where to find him. The Militia attacks the small town where Jim and his family live. Nora, Miles and Jim are able to defend the town but when Jim’s wife finds out the truth about his past she leaves him. Jim agrees to join Miles and Nora because he has nothing left.

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Back at the rebel camp, Randall tracks Rachel’s location with the pendants. Rachel is able to destroy the pendants before Randall gets his hands on them. She reveals that the pendants are actually flash drives.

Randall isn’t terribly upset Rachel has destroyed the pendants. In fact, he says Rachel is more valuable, and he wants her just as much.

Charlie saves Rachel from being taken and she, Aaron and Rachel are able to escape.

Randall made the power a weapon

Back at the camp where the rebels have settled in for the night, Rachel and Charlie apologize to each another. Miles and Nora arrive back safely with Jim.

Through a flashback, we see Randall the night of the blackout. He worked for the Department of Defense and ordered a strike again Afghanistan the night of the blackout. Rachel and Ben tried to warn Randall that using the power as a weapon was not a good idea. He does it anyway.

Rachel finally agrees to tell Aaron everything she knows. She starts by mentioning a place called the Tower. The show ends there, but from upcoming previews we know this tower has some kind of ability to turn the power back on. The next adventure for the rebels will no doubt lead them to this building.

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