The Following recap: "Whips and Regret"

Apr 2, 2013 at 5:15 a.m. ET

Carroll dresses Claire up and asks her to dinner, convinced she will come to love him again. All we need is a rose and a talking teapot to complete this fairy tale. Somehow we're guessing the end will be much more violent.

Carroll and Roderick in The Following

There is no doubt The Following pushes things to the extreme, but we never saw the show going in this direction. Things are getting weird. On tonight's episode, we discover that not only is the cult using an after-hours fetish house for deliveries, but they're also putting new recruits through a brutal training at an abandoned house. Oh yeah, and Hardy's ex-girlfriend turned neighbor can't wait to kill him.

Is everyone a serial killer? At this point, it seems like the only safe characters are Claire, Hardy (Kevin Bacon) and Weston. I've left out Parker intentionally. I still haven't forgotten about that Poe book she so graciously handed over to Carroll (James Purefoy) in episode 2.

Carroll invites Claire to dinner

Do you remember that scene in Beauty and the Beast where the beast invites Belle to dinner but just can't seem to make an effective invitation without being rude? Well, that's what I thought of tonight when Claire is reunited with Carroll.

Jacob is sent to be her babysitter. The following locks Claire in a room and insists she join Carroll for dinner. Jacob even shows up with a fancy dress that Carroll picked especially for her. She only agrees to go because Jacob tells her she has to play nice in order to see her son, Joey.

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Claire goes to dinner and Carroll tells her she will love him again eventually. Claire gets angry when Carroll still refuses to let her see Joey and storms from the room. Carroll not only lets her leave dinner, he also brings Joey to her room later that night. Mother and son are reunited. We hope Claire doesn't fall for this beast's charm, though. Carroll is obviously only trying to further his personal motives.

Hardy and Parker find a cult fetishHardy and Parker in The Following

Parker is able to track the location of the internet video. It leads the FBI to an after-hours fetish club. The owner of the club, Hayley, had no idea the following was using her club to attract new members. She does admit, however, to being hookup buddies with Vince. (The militia man from last week's episode.) Apparently, Vince picks up deliveries from the club routinely.

The FBI makes a deal with Hayley, and she agrees to wear a wire so they can catch Vince. Instead, Vince kidnaps Hayley saying he wants to take her somewhere safe.

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The FBI follows their car as Vince drives to an abandoned house. Once inside, Vince tries to cuddle up with Hayley only to discover her wire. He leaves her alive only so he can use her as bait to escape before the FBI catches up with him.

Though Vince escapes, the FBI still uncovers some information from the house. The building was being used as a training ground for new cult member recruits. They even find three cult members-to-be who are locked in a cell.

Hardy's ex-girlfriend can't wait to kill him

In this episode, we also discover more about Molly, Hardy's ex-girlfriend. (We met her for the first time last week.) Turns out, she's a member of the cult. The better question is, who isn't?

She met Joe while he was in prison and has quite the taste for blood. She's killed more people than Carroll has, and she wants to kill Hardy. In fact, in a flashback we see that she only agreed to move to New York and spy on Hardy if she could be the one to kill him when the time came.

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Even though she and Hardy are no longer dating, they're still hookup buddies and neighbors.

When Hardy arrives home after a long day at the fetish club, Molly is in his house waiting for him. She greets him with a hug and feigns worry.

Luckily for Hardy, at least for now, Carroll isn't done with him yet. So it looks like Molly won't be murdering him in his sleep quite yet.

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