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Rogue Producer Patty Ishimoto spills details on DIRECTV’s first original show

What’s to love about DIRECTV’s new show, Rogue? The producer, Patty Ishimoto, fills us in on all the deets.

Rogue's Ishimoto tells us what's to love about the show

We here at SheKnows are stoked for DIRECTV’s upcoming drama, Rogue. We’re equally excited to share our love with you and so is everyone over at DIRECTV and on the set of Rogue. Rogue‘s producer, Patty Ishimoto is exceptionally excited for the show and has been since the very beginning.

So, why was Ishimoto so drawn to the show? Simple.

“Somewhat complex storyline and characters,” she told us. “Thandie Newton was also at that point already attached to the series which definitely got our attention ’cause she’s just amazing.”

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Thandie isn’t the only awesome casting choice.

“It’s an amazing, amazing cast! We are so fortunate,” she said. “Starting with Thandie… We knew we were in a great place. Moving onto Marton Csokas as our bad guy that you loooove. He’s so sexy and handsome.”

Marton is, indeed, a looker. We can’t wait to watch him in action and see him interact with Thandie. Ishimoto promised us their screen time together will be captivating.

“The way that Matthew Parkhill [creator] interweaves the characters and the relationships: It’s very unique and that’s really what got our attention,” Ishimoto explained as to why she and DIRECTV loved the show and why viewers will, too.

Viewers will have more than just the connections to pull them into the drama on Rogue, they’ll also be able to relate to the main character, Grace (the lovely Thandie Newton). On the surface, Grace’s situation seems drastically different from most American moms’ — she’s a detective whose son has just mysteriously died. Her very core is completely relatable, though. Mothers know: Whether you carry a gun for a living or not, you’ll do anything to protect and seek justice for your children.

“Thandie’s character, Grace, is a working mom — like many of us,” Ishimoto said. “It’s just that her work is a little bit different. And so it’s all about that work life, right? To the extreme, I will say. But I think they will be able to relate to struggle and her quest for justice and finding the truth.”

Are you excited yet? We are! Rogue premieres on DIRECTV’s Audience Network at 9/8c on April 3.

Image courtesy of DIRECTV

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