Jordana Brewster on Botox: "Definitely not against it"

Apr 1, 2013 at 7:17 p.m. ET

Jordana Brewster opens up to Ocean Drive magazine on doing her stunts in Fast & Furious 6, technology and fame, and the dreaded Botox in Hollywood question.


There's no slowing down the Fast & Furious film franchise as they are set to release the sixth film in the series. Star Jordana Brewster opened up to Ocean Drive magazine about the film, the difficulties of technology and fame, and the pressure to look young in Hollywood.

The 32-year-old Brewster, who got her start in soaps, first burst onto the film screen in the teen horror flick The Faculty. By the time the first Fast & Furious film hit theatres, the actress was a bonafide star. Since then she has gone on star in five more films.

She gets more brave as time goes on and even though she has a stunt double, Brewster likes to do as much of the physical work as she can.

Brewster told Ocean Drive, "[Director] Justin [Lin] is kind of hard-core. He’s from the independent film world and wants the real shot. There’s one scene where I'm running with a baby, and it’s not a doll! I was so afraid I'd shake the baby too much. And shooting in Puerto Rico, I tore my hand open and had to go to the ER. First we Super Glued it, but I realized that was just not a good idea."

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With the Dallas star's good looks, it can be hard to imagine that she would want to get down and dirty. However, she's just keeping up with rugged co-stars Jason Statham, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker and Vin Diesel.

One thing she does strive to improve on is her acting skills. Even though she has consistently been employed as an actor since the mid-1990s, she always wants to keep moving forward with her career.

She shared, "Two years ago, I went to an acting class for comedy because I thought, I don’t know how to do that, but I want to know how to do that. So I got into a class with 20 people and rehearsed every night. You have to be willing to evolve and grow. You can never be stuck."

Even with successful roles in TV and film, there is one thing about her job that bugs the actress —technology. It can make the personal aspects of her life challenging because every moment is captured on a smartphone.

"I think camera phones are a pain in the ass. Someone will think you're rude if you're just not into taking a picture that day, and then the next thing you know, it ends up on Twitter. There's this instant access to people that's a little bit scary…The ability to talk to your fans is really great, but it's scary to think about everything that's uploaded to the Internet," said Brewster.

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Ocean Drive also posed the dreaded age and Botox question to the actress, but she handled it with aplomb and unbridled honesty. While, she hasn't "started yet", she admits that she is "definitely not against it. If there are tools out there, why not use them? On the other hand, I really need my forehead for acting. I need to be able to crease it and express myself, so I don't think I'd go crazy on the Botox."

The gorgeous actress has plenty of time to decide since she's more interested in working on personal growth. As she tells the magazine, "Emotionally, I work on myself constantly, so I’m okay on that end.”

Fast & Furious 6 opens on May 24.


Photo credit: Ocean Drive Magazine/Brian Bowen Smith