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Battle of the flicks: Evil Dead vs. The Company You Keep

The demonic rise in this revamp of Evil Dead that’s full of blood, chainsaws and bad decision-making. On the other end of the spectrum is Robert Redford’s most recent film, in which he stars as an ex-radical on the run alongside Shia LaBeouf and Julie Christy. Which one should you see? Tough call!

Evil Dead

Evil Dead

When five young people exile themselves to a cabin in the woods to help Mia (Jane Levy) detox off drugs, things get nasty when they’re forced to battle inner and outer demons.

Though not campy like the Sam Raimi original from 1981, this movie is great gory fun for horror fans.

Here’s what some other gals thought:

Amy Curtis of We Got This Covered said, “Evil Dead is definitely scary. So many horror movies that come out today just aren’t frightening. They try to be, but they aren’t. Evil Dead truly gets under your skin, just like a soul-eating demon would.”

Emma Simmonds of The List said, “Evil Dead has ample cheap shocks and few bloodcurdling frights but it builds to something gorily bravura and, if that’s your bag, you’ll come away satisfied. It’s a while before anyone picks up a chainsaw, but boy is it worth it when they do.”

Staci Lane Wilson of Inside Horror said, “Everything longtime fans have hoped for, and the ultimate newbie’s launch into this (better) cabin in the woods, ‘Evil Dead’ is a true reboot.”

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The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep

Robert Redford plays Jim Grant, a small-town lawyer with a big secret. Once a hot-shot journalist (Shia LaBeouf) gets wind of Grant’s past, he’ll stop at nothing to get the full story.

This movie is a thoughtful moral examination of aging radical activists from the 1960s who have been running from their past mistakes their whole lives.

Check out these reviews from other women:

Leslie Felperin of Variety said, “There is something undeniably compelling, perhaps even romantic, about America’s ’60s radicals and the compromises they did or didn’t make, a subject underexplored in Hollywood cinema apart from honorable exceptions like Sidney Lumet’s ‘Running on Empty’ (1988) and a few others.”

Mary Corliss of Time said, “The Company You Keep is streaked with melancholy: a disappointment that the second American Revolution never came, and a sadness at giving up the fulfilling, above-ground lives that Nick and the others might have pursued.”

Linda Holms of NPR said, “But despite all that star power, what’s emerged is an unsatisfying movie about a journalist chasing a story that turns out not to be all that interesting.”

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Movie of the week

Evil Dead

The SheKnows movie winner of the week is Evil Dead for its scare factor and fun gross-out gore.

Photo credit: Evil Dead courtesy of TriStar Pictures and The Company You Keep courtesy of Sony.

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