Hello! Country singers who look good shirtless

These country boys don’t need tractors to make them sexy… they just need to lose their shirts!

Kenny Chesney is cut

Kenny Chesney is the most frequently shirtless country singer. That tan and those muscles have earned him the right to always bear (and bare) arms.

Despite stereotypes that might say otherwise, it’s not exactly easy to come across country boys with their shirts off. They’re not flashy rock stars. They live for jeans and t-shirts (and maybe some plaid) and they’re just not cool with frolicking in front of a camera, showing off their chesticles. There are a few country boys that are exceptions though! We’ve collected the goods for your viewing pleasure.

Kenny Chesney

Easily the Matthew McConaughey of country music, Chesney loves being shirtless. The only thing Kenny enjoys more than being shirtless is… being shirtless on the beach. Even on stage, Chesney does everything possible to avoid the strict confines of a shirt. Sleeves are blasphemous to Kenny: It’s all about takin’ the ladies to the gun show. And, if we’re going with Kenny, we’re always ready to be his date.

Billy Currington

Yes, Billy boy, you are doing something right. You’re not wearing a shirt, again, and we approve. We approve real hard. Currington, country’s studly, kinky-haired crooner is probably the biggest show boat of them all. We should probably be turned off by the way he loves himself all over the beach, rolling around in the sand. But, you know, we don’t mind at all. We think we’ll watch this one twice.

There was a time in his life when Keith spent some serious time in front of the camera. When he wasn’t shirtless for Playgirl, he was decked out in metallic leather. Even during his days of over-bleached hair, Keith was still fun to look at and listen to, though. Now it’s a lot harder to come by a picture of Keith shirtless. Luckily, when he filmed the video for his love song to Nicole, he thought spending time seemingly naked and in bed seemed like a brilliant idea. We agree.

This needed to happen. It almost didn’t because Dierks doesn’t like to prance around half-naked for his music videos. However, he does enjoy splashing around in the water. Each new year, he and some friends and family do a quick plunge into a lake to celebrate the new beginning and Dierks likes to document the moment when he “slow marches” into the frigid water. He also likes to redneck-out with a banjo in random creeks, too, and he caught that on film as well. Deirks Bentley: More please?

Finding a topless Luke Bryan is like finding a needle in a hay stack… or a farm boy at a Luke Bryan concert. They all look so similar, but which one is the one you really want? While he keeps himself covered in jeans and tees for music videos, Luke doesn’t mind letting loose for some pre-concert tailgating. Thank goodness for that! Watch this long enough and you’ll earn your time back. Promise.

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Did we miss anyone? If you’ve got a favorite shirtless country singer, let us know! You never know when we’ll update the list.

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