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Stuck in Love: Love is sticky

Greg Kinnear is back on the big screen to show us how we get trapped by love.

Greg KinnearStuck in Love tells the story about a family of writers struggling for a perfect ending after dealing with divorce. The movie portrays how both the parents and their teenagers are caught in their own relationship complexities in learning to love again.

William (Greg Kinnear) has writer’s block after his ex-wife Erica (Jennifer Connelly) left him for a younger man. Having a difficult time moving on with his life, he dwells on being replaced by spying on her, something we may have all done in one form or another. If you have ever spied on Facebook, driven past their apartment or places you use to frequent, you’re in deep.

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In an attempt to meet someone new, William resorts to online dating, but is clueless on how to create an attractive profile. Fortunately, Kristen Bell’s character (Tricia) helps turn him from a sulking husband into a hubba-hubba bachelor by changing his wardrobe and profile picture. Good call, Bell. Sometimes a guy needs a girl to be a friend and whip him into shape! Her young energy and spunk encourages him to jump back in the dating pool.

William’s children are aspiring writers who also struggle with moving on in their relationships. His daughter Samantha (Lily Collins) refuses to get involved in a serious relationship to avoid the heartache she’s witnessed with her parent’s divorce. Meanwhile, her brother Rusty (Nat Wolff) gets his heart broken in putting himself out there to find the romance his parents lacked.

They each try to rewrite the past and start anew, however, learning that there are no redos, only fresh starts. What do you think? Will the three authors be able to write a new chapter and create their own happy endings?

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Stuck in Love sticks to theaters June 14.

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