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Lindsay Lohan parties in Brazil

America has been far from kind to Lindsay Lohan, but Brazil is eating her up. She seems pretty happy with Brazil, too.

Lindsay Lohan parties in Brazil

Just days after Lindsay Lohan was supposedly found and photographed sitting under a nightclub table and crying, she appears to be all smiles again. That could be because she’s getting paid to party in Brazil. Who wouldn’t be happy with that life?

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According to E! News’ Brazil office, LiLo was caught in relatively carefree spirits over the weekend at a John John Denim party at Cafe de la Musique nightclub in Sao Paulo. She kept things seemingly acceptable by making sure only juice, water, and coconut water were available around her VIP section. Some gossip hounds, however, say Lindsay sipped on a glass of vodka and Red Bull.

The almost always fashionable Lindsay kept her wardrobe low-key, too. She sported a John John tank (seemingly without any undergarments) and a sparkly, black miniskirt along with a pair of Louboutins that looked rather similar to the one the crying girl wore earlier in the week.

Part of her job for the night? She wandered the room with friends and someone for the clothing line, making sure to be friendly with all the club’s guests. E! is also saying Lindsay played a stint in the DJ booth, too. We’d love to know what sort of music she dropped for club-goers!

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This isn’t exactly what we had in mind for Lindsay all those times we wished things would turn around for her. At some point (usually after college), you have to stop partying. However, the 26-year-old actress has found a way to carry on and even get paid for it. We know Liz & Dick didn’t get the best of reviews, but she shouldn’t give up on acting just yet. Nor should America give up on her. Her role in bed with Charlie Sheen on Anger Management and in Scary Movie 5 looks to have turned out well.

It might take a little time, but we’re certain that eventually Lindsay will find a job where she can keep her clothes on, and stay away from alcohol and out of bed. Until then, we’re just happy she seems to be enjoying life despite her legal issues back here in the States.

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