Kim Kardashian calls out fat-shaming bullies on Tonight Show

Mar 29, 2013 at 1:57 p.m. ET

You go, Kim Kardashian: The reality star strikes back at the negative attention her pregnant physique has gotten recently in a chatty appearance on The Tonight Show.

Kim Kardashian arrives for Good Morning America appearance

Call a pregnant woman fat? That makes you a big bully, said a right-on Kim Kardashian in a Thursday-night appearance on The Tonight Show.

"I think it's a little bully-ish to call a pregnant woman fat," she told Tonight Show host Jay Leno. "I mean, what do you expect? I hope I gain weight. I'm a little heavy."

Kardashian, who didn't look anywhere near the supposed 200 pounds InTouch Weekly said she weighed in an unflattering cover story, also said "I have the rest of my life to be skinny and to lose weight, and I'm not really worrying about it. If I have a craving, I'll go for it," she told Leno.

Kardashian also punctured the rumor that Kanye West's last name has inspired the couple to name the baby-to-be after compass directions, or that the preponderance of family "K" names would mean they're considering a little Kyle or Kate.

"We have a list," she said, "and some of them are 'K' names [and] some of them aren't."

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North, widely rumored to be the name of choice, isn't on the list, she revealed. But she does like the name Easton.

"Easton West, I think that's cute," she said.

"Now, Easton would be a boy's name, correct?" asked Leno slyly.

"You never know," Kardashian returned, cagily.

Easton, a Scottish boy's name that means "East," has been rising on the baby name rankings kept by the Social Security Administration. Given that modern parents frequently choose a traditionally male moniker for baby girls (Addison, Maxwell... and Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell just named their baby girl Lincoln), liking the name "Easton" doesn't necessarily mean Little Kimye is a boy.

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