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Amazon takes undead fans back to Zombieland

Return to Zombieland?

Zombieland topper

Sounds like everyone wants to get in on America’s obsession with television. Our only surprise: That this hasn’t happened sooner. What are we talking about?

Zombieland (the movie) slayed box offices >> now has its own studio and is set to release seven individually made comedy pilots. The pilots will be free for Amazon users to watch and the most popular will score a full series order. Once the show is made, it will be available on Amazon On Demand (though probably not for free). Amazon’s current efforts are focused on comedy and children’s programming. Amazon studios are also requesting pitches for a “smart, character-driven series.” From the sound of it, anyone can pitch an idea to them. If they like it, they’ll hook you up with the funds necessary to make your pilot. Pretty awesome!

Zombieland poster

Quite a few of the pilots sound interesting, but the one that has everyone the most excited is from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the creative duo that brought us the movie Zombieland, with Woody Harrelson. They’re back with their blockbuster concept and are turning the movie into a pilot which will hopefully end up becoming a full series available on Amazon.

Surviving a zombie apocalypse >>

Zombieland the series will pick up where the movie left off, following the four survivors on their quest to outwit the walking dead and find a place to survive. The cast has even been set. Tallahassee will be played by Kirk Ward, Maiara Walsh (Desperate Housewives, Switched at Birth) is cast as Wichita, Tyler Ross will take on the role of Columbus and Izabela Vidovic will play Little Rock.

Adding to the excitement, the guys released the first poster/promotional image for Zombieland earlier today. We’ll be sure to let all you zombie fans know just as soon as the pilot is available on Amazon!

Image courtesy of Richard DuCree/Amazon

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