The Vampire Diaries recap: “American Gothic

Elena is done allowing Stefan and Damon to search for the cure in order to force her to take it. In fact, she’s going to start snapping innocent people’s necks until they stop. And we thought Katherine was bad…

Klaus in The Vampire Diaries

With the season finale of The Vampire Diaries right around the corner, the race for the cure heats up, until Katherine hands it over to Elijah, that is. Now the power is in his hands. Hopefully Stefan and Damon have something up their sleeves otherwise it doesn’t look like human Elena will be back anytime soon. And we want her back.

Elijah returns

Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Rebekah are the first to find Katherine in a small town where she’s compelled everyone to keep her secrets. But Elena is her doppelganger so she gets all the information she can. When Elena finds out Katherine is supposed to be meeting someone named “EM,” she pretends to be Katherine and goes to the meeting in her place.

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It’s Elijah who meets her and pulls her into a romantic kiss. Elijah quickly realizes, however, that it isn’t Katherine he’s kissing. He knows it’s Elena.

Caroline bonds with Klaus

Klaus is still recovering from his white oak stake wound from Silas. Caroline comes over to Klaus’s house after Klaus repeatedly calls her. He begs for her help in retrieving a splinter of the stake that’s stuck in his wound, keeping it from healing.

Caroline refuses to help unless Klaus (Joseph Morgan) agrees to let Tyler return to Mystic Falls. Klaus won’t agree to it. Caroline, in a fit of rage, tells Klaus she should have given up on him ages ago. In their distracted fight, Klaus realizes his wound no longer hurts. In fact, there was never a wound to begin with.

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Silas was able to get inside Klaus’s head. Caroline realizes that if Silas can mess with Klaus’s mind, there’s no telling what he can do to the rest of them.

Katherine gives away the cureElijah returns in The Vampire Diaries

Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) show up in the town and quickly find Rebekah and Katherine. They learn Elena is with Elijah.

Elena reveals to Elijah that Katherine is the one who killed Jeremy. Elijah admits Katherine lied to him about that detail. We know Elena said it too, but let’s reiterate: Duh. Katherine can’t be trusted.

Still she needs Elijah. Katherine wants Elijah to broker the deal between her and Klaus. In exchange for the cure, Katherine wants Klaus to stop hunting her.

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Elijah confronts Katherine about the lies. Katherine still tries to convince him that she loves him. When that doesn’t work, she resorts to holding him to his word. She tells him he promised to help her with Klaus. Still, Elijah leaves her.

But Katherine isn’t one to give up. She gets the cure from where she’s been hiding it — some poor compelled girl’s house — and hands it over to Elijah. She tells him the decision is his. She’s trusting him to do what’s best with the cure. My guess is, she’s still manipulating him. Katherine would never give up the power the cure offers her. She’s got a plan.

Elijah tells Klaus over the phone that he’s bringing the cure back to Mystic Falls.

Elena starts killing people

Elena meets Damon and Stefan at a cafe and tells them she doesn’t want the cure. She tells them that she wants them to stop searching for it. If they don’t, there will be consequences.

The brothers say they won’t stop looking.

Just when we think Elena can’t get any crazier, she starts snapping innocent people’s necks to prove a point to Stefan and Damon. She kills the waitress at the cafe. And she isn’t stopping with just one death. In fact, she’s going to keep killing until the brothers give up their search for the cure.

We miss the old Elena. Will someone just force-feed her the cure already?

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