Mariah Carey’s no-makeup photo: Hello, gorgeous!

Mariah Carey’s no-makeup photo is a thing of fresh-faced beauty. Check out the birthday girl’s stripped-down look shared on Instagram!

Mariah Carey no makeup

Mariah Carey‘s makeup-free face has fans of the singer all jazzed up. On the same day the mother of twins Monroe and Moroccan blew out a cake loaded with 43 candles, she posted the photo seen here to Instagram.

Check out that fresh face and beautiful grin! Along with the image, the birthday girl wrote to fans, “Love to all the lambily!!!”

Though she didn’t say so specifically, it’s being reported this is a look at Mariah Carey with no makeup on at all — not something we usually associate with the singer’s notorious diva ways.

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Contrary to popular belief, it seems Mariah Carey really does settle down after a long day of work just like the rest of us -— with a freshly-washed face and pajama pants, of course!

Nick Cannon previously told In Touch of his wife’s at-home look versus when she’s done up for a show, “She doesn’t ever wear that much makeup on TV — it’s all about the hair for her. But at home, she’s always just chillin’ with no makeup and her hair tied up. I mean, you just can’t be dolled up 24/7. Besides, she’s my wife, she really doesn’t need to be dolled up for me.”

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Was there an ulterior motive to Mariah Carey’s no-makeup photo, though?

It seems Mrs Cannon could have been trying to keep up with her Idol nemesis, whose majorly toned-down look on Elle magazine’s cover had plenty of people talking. Your move now, Ms Minaj!

What do you think of Mariah Carey’s no-makeup look?

Image via Instagram/Mariah Carey


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