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The Host‘s Max Irons & Jake Abel talk movie make-out scenes

The Host‘s handsome boys kiss and tell, and dish about working on Stephenie Meyer’s new movie. So get ready, it’s time to cuddle up to the sexy lads of the next big sci-fi romance.

Max Irons

As of today, you can drool over the men of The Host on the big screen while plunging your hand into a bucket of popcorn. But if you haven’t had time to get to the theater just yet (or you’ve seen the movie and can’t get enough), you can also lock your eyes on the studs in the comfort of your own home.

In a recent interview, we talked to Max Irons and Jake Abel about making out on camera… all the time.

While talking to Max about the steamy make-out scenes, he admitted that it’s not a one-take wonder situation. “You’ve got to bare in mind those scenes, that you do multiple angles, multiple times,” he said, “You’re kissing, for like, a day.” Man, sounds like a tough job, right?!

Jake thought the make-out scenes could inspire couples, though, saying, “We want couples to go to the movie and just make out.” Hey, that’s one way to fix a troubled relationship. The Host, saving marriages one by one. But don’t forget the mints and lip balm! “You got to keep it nice for each other,” advised Jake.

Kissing on camera could be a high-pressure situation (can you image how many people are watching you swap spit? Awkward!), but luckily, that’s all they had to worry about. According to Max, they didn’t get nervous about working on the Stephenie Meyer film.

“Other people made it seem more of pressure,” Max shared, “I don’t think we ever felt pressure. I think other people felt pressure… I think The Host is unique. I think it’s a departure from Stephenie’s previous work… it’s more multifaceted…” We think he’s very right.

Well, lookin’ good and kissin’ cute girls on-camera is a tough gig, but somebody’s got to do it. Luckily Max and Jake are here to do just that.

Fall in love with Max and Jake locking lips in theaters now, and watch the interview below!

Photo credit: and Open Road Films

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