SheKnows flirts with The Host hottie Stephen Rider

Mar 28, 2013 at 8:25 p.m. ET

Actor Stephen Rider has already made a film with Denzel Washington and now stars in The Host, based on author Stephenie Meyer’s smash novel. This up-and-coming star shares exclusive behind-the-scenes details with SheKnows, including the secret behind those freaky-blue eyes.

Stephen Rider

Stephen Rider proved his talent in the action film Safe House, where he played a CIA analyst and acted alongside Denzel Washington.

Now Stephen plays Seeker Reed, an alien "Soul" in a human body, opposite German actress Diane Kruger in The Host. Find out what Rider thinks this story is really about.

SheKnows: The story in "The Host" plays on so many different levels. What do you think the story is really about?

Stephen Rider: I really think it comes down to being accepting of all things. That in the end — regardless of how different/alien we may seem to be because of economics, religious/political affiliations, one's ethnicity — only love matters.

SK: As an actor, what was it like playing an alien in a human body?

SR: At first, it was really weird and uncomfortable to play an alien. Mainly because I had all these lofty ideas of what I thought an alien should be. But once director Andrew Niccol and I started to get to the root of why they were here, it seemed to get to the core of why humans exist — that we all are asking the same questions about life, like "What is this all about?’"And from that place, I realized that we are all searching for the truth.

SK: Can you tell us how they made all the "souls"' eyes so freaky-cool looking?

SR: We all had to wear contacts. And although they looked cool, they were so uncomfortable to wear. Because I'm already blind and wear contacts, I had to put on those freaky yet sexy contacts on top of the ones I was wearing. My eyes were taking a beating. Luckily, we had this amazing eye technician named Bob Smithson who was always there to make sure you were cool. I always needed some eye drops. A brother's eyes were dry!! LOL!

SK: Did you get to keep the contacts?

SR: Unfortunately, they made us all give them back. They would have been a great Halloween accessory, though.

SK: You were super hot in your white suit — what was the stylistic idea behind putting all the seekers in tailored, ivory suits?

SR: Andrew Niccol had spoken to Stephenie Meyer about the suits before principal shooting. In the book, they all wore black, but Andrew thought it would be best to wear a white suit since we're pure in spirit.

SK: Interesting! How was it working with the lovely German actress, Diane Kruger?

SR: I loved working with Diane! She's so professional and feisty, just a real down to earth person. We really bonded and I only wish the best for her in life. Would love to work with her again.

SK: How do you pronounce Saoirse's name?

SR: It's SIR-sha.

SK: Thank you! What was she like?

SR: Saorise is an incredible actor! I learned so much from working with both her and Diane. And she's so endearing and beautiful. She's one of the sweetest people I've ever met. Both her mother Monica and father Paul are both great people. It only makes sense that she would be.

SK: We loved you in Safe House, what other projects can we look forward to seeing you in?

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SR: Thank you. Safe House was so fun and intense. I have an independent movie called Event 15 coming out sometime this year starring Jennifer Morrison from Once Upon A Time. I'm also in The Butler coming out toward the end of the year, starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey. The Butler is going to be one you want to follow.

SK: Will do, Stephen — looking forward to seeing it!

The Butler is a biopic about the life of Eugene Allen who was the White House's head butler to eight U.S. presidents from the 1950s to the 1980s. Stephen Rider plays Admiral Rochon and the film is scheduled for release Oct. 18, 2013. SheKnows can’t wait!

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