The Walking Dead finale preview: “Welcome to the Tombs

Rick and his group appear to be preparing to leave the prison before the Governor arrives. Are they gone forever or have they set a trap for the Governor?

The Walking Dead season 3 finale "Welcome to the Tombs" preview

Check out three preview videos for The Walking Dead Season 3 finale “Welcome to the Tombs” below.

In the preview video, we see that we’re definitely going to see Andrea (Laurie Holden) again down in the Governor’s torture chamber, but it’s unclear if she’ll survive her trip down there or not. Back at the prison, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) tells Michonne (Danai Gurira) that she’s one of them now. It looks like some of the group may be going on the run while others will stay behind to make a stand at the prison. There are lots of trucks and at least one big explosion, but there’s no way to tell who’s going make it through the battle and who’s not.

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In the first sneak-peek clip, we find Carl (Chandler Riggs) packing up his things in preparation to leave the prison. He comes across the photo of himself and his family in happier days and the reflection of his own face in the glass tells of sorrow that should belong to someone much older. We see everyone else is packing up as well, telling us that the plan must be for at least some of the group to abandon the prison. Carl also finds his father’s badge and tucks it away in his pocket, proving that it’s still important to him. Carl’s final act before leaving his makeshift room is to put on his father’s hat and pick up his gun. The whole thing is a bit sad, as it’s hard to watch them give up the home they had made for themselves.

In the second sneak-peek clip, we see the Governor (David Morrissey) and his people begin their invasion of the prison. They come in multiple vehicles and armed to the teeth, but are surprised when there’s nobody there to defend the place. They use a truck to pull off a gate leading inside the prison itself and open a door. What they find is a mystery, as the video stops there, but we’re guessing that there could be anything from a contingent of Rick’s people to a hoard of trapped zombies waiting inside.

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What do you think now that you’ve seen a few clips from the The Walking Dead Season 3 finale? Do you think that Rick and the rest of the group have left the prison forever? What do you think is waiting on the other side of that door for the Governor’s troops?

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