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The Game of Thrones game of drink!

The only way to survive this Game is to have an iron stomach.

Game of Thrones drinking game

The Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens and all their friends and enemies are back and we are so excited! The only thing that could possibly make Game of Thrones even more fun is to watch it while drinking with a gang of friends. We’ve put together a bit of a drinking game to help kick off the season with a bang (and leave you smashed). But, feel free to use this for any episode! Beer or wine would work well with a GoT theme, but for a little more fun, try a Dragon’s Breath shot from our sister site, DrinksMixer.

Dragon’s Breath
(10 servings/shots)

5 oz Firewater Cinnamon Schnapps
5 oz Bacardi 151 rum

Eep! We hope you can survive a fire like Khaleesi!

And now, for the rules:

This drinking game requires some friends and a little bit of playing favorites. It’s time to split into teams/families. There are a million families in Game of Thrones. For the sake of everyone’s sanity, we’ve picked the three favorites to help you split into teams. So, pick a family, any family, and follow these rules: 

StarksGame of Thrones drinking game

Take a shot anytime…

  • Someone hero worships (or scoffs) at Ned Stark
  • Sansa acts innocent and naive (pft!)
  • Arya hates on “normal/most girls”
  • Robb Stark changes his mind
  • Catelyn vows to fight for her children, but ends up making things worse
  • Arya chants her list of people she wants dead

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Get smashed by sipping each time…

  • Someone makes fun of Tyrion’s height (or lack thereof)
  • Cersei quirks an eyebrow
  • Jaime and Cersei act incestuous
  • Tywin is an awful father
  • Joffrey sentences someone to death
  • Jaime insults Brienne



  • First sight of the dragons (two shots)
  • Daenerys is referred to as Khaleesi
  • Sexual tension between Dany and Jorah Mormont is too much to bear
  • Dany reminds everyone she’s the mother of dragons
  • The dragons bite on or breathe fire at Dany and she seems unfazed
  • Despite being the Khaleesi and proving herself so far, Dany still does something stupid or acts naive

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The Game couldn’t exist without one more set of people to look after them. If you hold loyalty to no family and are a truly brave soul, there’s another “team” for you.

Night’s Watch

Feeling peckish, Crow? Buck up and take a shot anytime any of the above activities happen during Game of Thrones. And, anytime…

  • Poor John is referred to as “the Bastard”
  • Sam says he’s scared/frightened/afraid

Have fun and game responsibly, friends. And remember to check back soon for cool family-themed printables to help designate your drinks of choice. Whoever has the least amount of drinks left over by the end of the show is the winner of Game of Drinks!

Images courtesy of HBO

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