Chris Brown (sort of) accepts blame for Rihanna beating

The singer spoke out about the incident that turned the whole world against him, but is he really sorry?

Chris Brown Rihanna

Chris Brown’s life hasn’t been the same since February 2009 when he assaulted his then-girlfriend Rihanna the night of the Grammy Awards. His career has been on a downward spiral since then. The singer spoke with Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show on Tuesday about what he has learned since that February night.

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Seacrest asked the 23-year-old singer about the beating, and what he thinks is to blame.

“I could [blame it] on my age, but that would just be making an excuse,” Brown said, according to Us Weekly. “I think that at age 18, 19, I was capable of writing and producing songs, so I’m also capable of making the right choices.”

He added that he now knows he “was arrogant and definitely hotheaded” back then.

“Everybody has a temper,” he explained. “But for me, it was not knowing how to control it when I thought I had the world in my hands.”

Brown’s life kept getting worse after the assault. Radio stations stopped playing his songs and he was ordered to stay away from Rihanna.

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“Brown didn’t do much to help himself at the time,” said Us Weekly. “He vented his frustrations on Twitter and deflected blame for the incident to his stepfather, who allegedly assaulted his mother. He also engaged in fights — both physical and verbal — with stars including Drake and Frank Ocean.”

He said the last four years have helped him learn what to do and what not do to. But the singer doesn’t come out and say he learned anything, or that he is a better person. He only says he knows what not to do publicly now because there are consequences.

“You can lose it all. And I’m not just saying fame or stardom, because that’s not what it’s about,” he said, according to Us Weekly. “I’m talking about dignity, integrity. You know, you lose yourself in a way…It was a learning step for me…I learned from certain mistakes, and I’m getting better as the days come.”

Rihanna does seem to think Brown changed. After three years apart (and many rumors), the two got back together, officially, last fall.

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“I just tried my best to be the best man I could be over the years, and just show her how remorseful and sorry I was for the incident,” he told Seacrest. “That time was probably the worst part of my life… She’s a wonderful person, and I’m eternally grateful and thankful [for her forgiveness].”

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