Revolution sneak peek: “Ghosts

When producers said Charlie was going to grow up in the second half of Season 1, they weren’t messing around. Now that Danny is dead, Charlie is facing a personal revolution.

Miles and Nora in Revolution

What is it with brothers dying on TV lately? First, Jeremy Gilbert was killed off on The Vampire Diaries, and now Danny is dead on Revolution. I guess nothing spurs an overprotective big sister to action like the death of her younger sibling.

When producers said Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) was going to grow up during the second half of Revolution‘s first season, we had no idea that growth would come like this. After all, she spent the first half of the season with tunnel vision trying to get Danny back.

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If anything, Revolution is risky. The show took its entire plot line and squashed it easily in the span of one episode. The producers keep insisting that at its core, the show is about family. Now that Charlie’s family is almost gone, she’ll go to desperate lengths to avenge Danny’s death and stop the Militia from gaining any more power.

At the heart of Charlie’s revolution in the upcoming episodes is the relationship with her mom. According to NBC, tensions will rise between the two. We’ve seen glimpses of it up to this point: Charlie shoots Rachel (Elizabeth Mitchell) suspicious glances, and Rachel seems awkward and unsure of her position within the group.

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In the midst of the struggles within the group, Revolution is also dealing with the bigger picture. According to NBC, in the coming episodes, we’ll discover why the lights went out and how the group will turn them back on. It seems like Rachel will be the key to all this information. She knows something about a tower that holds the key to turning the power back on.

Something tells us it won’t be that simple. Even if the group manages to get the power back on, electricity won’t solve their problems. Monroe (David Lyons) will still be way ahead of the game on collecting and using weapons. He’s not just going to give up his quest for a Monroe Republic because Rachel flicks a switch in a tower.

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