Why is Spring Breakers‘ director banned from Letterman?

Harmony Korine appeared on David Letterman’s show three times. A fourth was abruptly ended. Letterman explains to Spring Breakers star James Franco why that is.

James Franco on David Letterman

Harmony Korine was rummaging through Meryl Streep‘s purse.

That’s the jaw-dropping story Letterman told to James Franco, star of Korine’s buzzy Spring Breakers.

Franco appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman Monday to promote Spring Breakers; while he was there he took the opportunity to tease Letterman about Korine.

Franco said Korine had hit the couch with Letterman to promote Kids, Korine’s first directorial effort, Gummo, and his 1998 book, A Crack Up at the Race Riots.

“Then the legend is, he came back and it’s I guess in the books, he was here, came back a fourth time, and it says in the books ‘Not interviewed,’ so he was bounced,” Franco said, grinning.

Franco told Letterman that he’d heard a story about why the director, a good friend, was no longer welcome.

“The legend is that he pushed Meryl Streep backstage,” Franco said. I mean, if you push Meryl Streep backstage, you get kicked off.”

“Not necessarily,” said Dave, tongue in cheek. He then asked if the Meryl-pushing story was the one offered by Korine. Yep, that’s what Korine told him, Franco affirmed.

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The real story is a little different, Letterman said: “I went upstairs to greet Meryl Streep and say welcome to the show,” Letterman said. “He mimes knocking and cries in a high, ladylike voice ‘Come in!’ And she was not in there, and I looked around and I found [Harmony] going through her purse. True story. And so I said ‘That’s it. Put her things back in her bag and get out of here.'”

Oof. Korine probably wasn’t in his right mind at the time: “He said he was a little out of it,” Franco said his friend told him.

“Harmony is a very sane guy now. A great artist and great person to work with. But I think he had a period where he was going a little off the rails, so maybe he was on something that night.”

Kinda sounds like it! And Korine is an admitted past user of crack and heroin.

Letterman said he’s willing to let bygones be bygones at this point, and he’d be “more than happy” to have him back.

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