Nashville preview: Episode 15

Rayna and Teddy’s relationship grows more complicated when Maddie gets in trouble. Meanwhile, Deacon finds himself interested in someone new.

Nashville episode 15

Check out the synopsis and a couple of sneak peek videos below for Nashville “When You’re Tired of Breaking Other Hearts”.

Here is the official synopsis for the episode from ABC:

Katie Couric guest stars as herself when Rayna appears on the “Katie” show, trying to set the record straight about her marriage and balancing her career with motherhood. Juliette attempts to take her album launch into her own hands but it backfires when she tweets out a surprise concert location. Maddie lies to Teddy about her whereabouts — with dangerous consequences — and Deacon is drawn to his dog’s pretty new veterinarian, Stacey. Meanwhile Avery tries to control his music destiny by flouting Dominic and Marilyn, and things are awkward between Scarlett and Gunnar as he continues to process his brother’s death.

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In the first sneak peek clip, we find Rayna (Connie Britton) and Teddy (Eric Close) having a chat on the phone about some basic household stuff. It looks like they’re getting along about as well as you’d expect from two people who are going through a divorce and both of them are pretty snappy with each other. When Rayna double-checks to make sure that Teddy can be with the girls that night, he reminds her that he does in fact know how to be a dad. This prompts Rayna to remind Teddy that she would very much like him to keep any “special projecting” with his new consultant out of their family home. Wow, did anyone else have icicles form on their computer while watching that scene? Because it sure was cold.

In the second sneak peek clip, we find Deacon (Charles Esten) at a hospital handing a stuffed animal to Rayna and saying to give it to “her”. From the synopsis, we can assume that he must mean Maddie and that the dangerous consequences of her lying to her father about where she was include a hospital stay. Later, we see Deacon back at home having a chat with Cole (Robert Wisdom) about his new puppy. The talk soon turns to the puppy’s new vet and the fact that Deacon has already slept with her. Wow, Deacon moves fast. Cole points that out as well, but also points out that it’s Deacon’s willingness to jump straight into the sack with women that proves he’s still in love with Rayna. We think Cole makes an excellent point.

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What do you think now that you’ve read the synopsis and have seen a couple of sneak peeks from this episode of Nashville? Have you got any guesses as to what kind of trouble Maddie will get herself into? Do you think Deacon will continue to see the vet or was it just a one-time thing?


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