Music review: 30 Seconds to Mars “Up in the Air

The band 30 Seconds to Mars is out with new single “Up in the Air”, and the single literally skyrocketed into the record books.

Jared Leto from 30STM

Donald Moffat in the 1983 film The Right Stuff had a line that went like this: “Whoever controls the high ground of space, controls the world.”

Well, ladies and gentlemen, prepare for a takeover.

The guys from 30 Seconds to Mars (30STM) released their single from outer space. Why? Who cares?! They have my vote for being out of this world. I mean, how many bands you know have done that?

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The single debuted at midnight Greenwich Mean Time on March 19. It was carried along with a SpaceX cargo mission to the International Space Station. Can you believe the first person to play it was an astronaut?

ABC reports that the band was present to watch the rocket take their precious cargo into space — and a conversation between frontman Jared Leto and astronaut Tom Marshburn will be posted on both NASA and 30STM’s websites.

Talk about breaking barriers and thinking differently, sheesh. The explosion caused from the combined innovative idea and the band’s undeniable energy must have made our sun jealous.

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The single itself is outrageous. It combines romantic piano riffs, electro drops, and the band’s staple rock foundation. I consider it so appropriate that the single was sent into space, because as it plays, it’s like you’ve blasted off straight into a black hole. But don’t you worry, you want to be lost.

It’s a melting pot of emotion and sounds. It will disarm you with its lovestruck lyrics — a characteristic I wouldn’t automatically attribute to this band. Fans have given this track mixed reviews, perhaps because it’s not a typical sound for the them — but this is a change I could get used to.

This is a track off of “Love Lust Faith + Dreams” — their fourth studio album. Keep your eyes peeled for this it on May 21 (in case it appears as a UFO)!

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