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Revolution recap: “The Stand

The first battle is fought between the Monroe Militia and the rebels. In a shocking twist, Danny is killed and Charlie is out for revenge.

Charlie, Danny and Uncles Miles in Revolution

After Maggie’s death, Revolution made it clear that no one is safe. But we couldn’t have imagined that after spending the first half of the season fighting to get Danny back, he would be killed in the first episode of the series return. Yes, there was complete shock and even a few tears.

The episode opened as expected, with lots of action and a blossoming war between the Militia and the rebels. Monroe (David Lyons) is using his new helicopters to wipe out rebel camps in the surrounding area, with hopes of bringing the attack national. He plans to build a Monroe Republic that spans coast to coast.

Charlie, Miles, and the gang escape Philadelphia and decide to help the rebels once they discover Monroe’s plans to attack. While Nora, Charlie, Danny and Aaron head to central command of the rebel headquarters in downtown Annapolis, Miles and Rachel travel to Rachel’s friend to gather weapons.

Rachel is hesitant to leave her children again. We see a flashback where a young Danny is going in for an operation. Rachel asks her husband, Ben, if he’s sure the procedure is a good idea. Rachel is hesitant because the operation is experimental.

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Miles (Billy Burke) wants to talk to Rachel about their obviously complicated past. Miles tells Rachel he thought she was dead. He promises her that if he knew she was alive, he never would have left. The two get closer and closer until it seems like they are about to kiss. Rachel asks Miles to take a step back and he obliges, visibly disheartened.

Miles and Rachel arrive at the house. A nervous man named John greets them. He and Rachel are old friends, and he leads the two down to his basement, which is stocked with weapons. But instead of helping Rachel, he says he knows what happened to the missing Grace. Randall got to her. John admits Randall also got to him. John uses one of his weapons to make Rachel and Miles pass out.

Nate wants to join the good guys

Nate and Captain Neville watch as a building burns. Nate is disgusted, saying there were innocent people in that building. Neville says they deserved to die for hiding behind their women and children. Nate tells Neville he won’t be a part of the slaughter anymore. Neville punches his son and the two get into a heated fistfight. It ends with Neville punching Nate to the ground and telling him never to come home.

Nate finds Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) in the woods and warns her that the choppers will be in Annapolis in about 12 hours. Nate wants to join Charlie, but she says he can’t. She leaves him in the woods.

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Rachel and Miles wake up, hands tied together. John apologizes and says he doesn’t have a choice. Randall is forcing him. He alludes to a tower Randall is working on. John tells Rachel that Randall is forcing Grace to obtain access to Level 12. (No idea yet what this means or what Randall is working on.)

Miles is able to cut through the ties on his wrist and knocks John out. Miles and Rachel take the weapons and escape.

The first battle of the war

Charlie asks Danny to sit out of the fight. She says Danny owes her because she traveled 1,000 miles to save his life. He says that while he can’t ever thank her enough for what she did, he isn’t a kid anymore. He feels a duty to fight.

The choppers arrive and the battle begins.

Just when it looks like the rebels will lose, Miles and Rachel arrive with a cart full of missiles. Miles takes one of the missiles and aims it at the helicopter. Before he can fire, a missile from the helicopter explodes near him and momentarily disorients him. Danny goes for the missile launcher and aims it at the helicopter. He hits it squarely and it explodes. But as it falls, the chopper sprays bullets, hitting Danny multiple times. Danny is killed.

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Rachel tries to blame herself for Danny’s death, but Charlie says he was determined to be a part of the fight. No one could have stopped him. Now the only thing they can do is finish what he started and stop the Monroe Militia.

Rachel goes to see her son’s body. She kisses him and cries, but produces a knife. She makes an incision in his stomach and withdraws a little bulb with a flashing blue light.

This episode was definitely a stunner leaving us with more questions than answers. Who is Randall, and what is he playing at? What procedure did Danny have when he was a boy? And what was that little flashing light bulb Rachel removed from his stomach?

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