New World War Z trailer debuts

The latest trailer for the upcoming Brad Pitt zombie action flick has arrived.

If the zombie love story Warm Bodies wasn’t gory enough for you, you’ll probably find the latest undead flick pretty satisfying.

A new trailer for World War Z has hit the web and it has everything one could hope for in a zombie movie.

Based on the 2006 novel by Max Brooks, the film follows a United Nations worker (Brad Pitt) who struggles to protect his family during a zombie apocalypse.

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The latest trailer has far more depth than the promos that were released last year. It better conveys the “race against the clock” element to the story and provides more intriguing plot details over CGI sequences.

We also get a glimpse of an incident in which a plane becomes infected with the zombie virus mid-flight. Yikes!

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Initially slated to be released in December of last year, the film was pushed to June so that more scenes could be shot and the ending could be reworked.

With the popularity of the AMC series The Walking Dead and films like last year’s Resident Evil and last month’s hit Warm Bodies, it’s pretty clear Word War Z won’t have much difficulty finding an audience.

The action thriller marks one of several zombie flicks set to be released this year.

R.I.P.D. follows a murdered cop (Ryan Reynolds), who joins other undead members of the police department. A remake of George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead is also set to debut.

Think Word War Z will live up to its trailer? Catch the film when it hits theaters on June 21.

Image courtesy Paramount Pictures


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