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James Franco is too trashy for his neighbors

Earlier this month news broke that James Franco’s neighbors were grumpy about all the noise and traffic at the star’s Los Angeles home. Now they’ve taken the next step and complained to the authorities.

James Franco, a bad neighbor?

The Los Angeles Housing Department is hearing some not-so-great things about James Franco, who has ticked off his neighbors for months by, the neighbors claim, running a production company out of his residential home in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.

TMZ reports that “multiple neighbors” have filed “formal complaints” with the Los Angeles Housing Department.

What’s the beef? Well, as an anonymous neighbor wrote to Curbed Los Angeles a few weeks ago, “Large white production trucks and various other vehicles block our driveway and use it as a loading zone and block our street with such regularity that we have begun calling parking enforcement to have them ticketed; racks of costumes come and go; crowds of people constantly stream in and out of the house and have business meetings in front of OUR house and treat us as if we are eavesdropping sycophants when we walk out our gate to our car; and as I write this, they’ve set up hair and make-up in their driveway.”

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Wow! That really is some neighborhood ruining!

TMZ talked to a neighbor who says the film crews and other assorted people who come and go from the house make big piles of trash that blow onto her property. She also says Franco’s security has “little regard for her privacy, leering at her every chance they get.”

Another neighbor told TMZ that film crews made it impossible to park in the neighborhood, block driveways, and snarl up traffic. Neighborhood kids were put in danger by all the cars, the neighbor went on.

In the Curbed story, the neighbors accused Franco of not even living at his house, just using it as a business. Franco told InStyle that yeah, he doesn’t really turn up a lot at the house.

“It’s pretty scary when you buy a new house and they put the address on the Internet. Photographers then know where you live and pretty much every psycho out there can turn up on your doorstep. I haven’t been to my house in a while because of it actually,” he said.

TMZ reached out to Franco’s reps but were unable to extract a comment.

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