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It’s (kind of) official: Britney Spears is dating a normal guy

Britney Spears has a new, normal boyfriend and we couldn’t be happier for her.

The Buzz – Miss Spears is Spotted With a Ring on Her Finger!
The singer was seen in Las Vegas wearing a ring on that special finger!

Last week, we reported that Britney Spears might be dating again. According to reports, this time her beau is the completely normal and non-famous guy David Lucado. She’d been seen around town with him (that is, when she’s not at her kiddo’s soccer game).

A source even said that, despite the fact that they weren’t very lovey, she seemed pretty giddy in the average joe’s presence during dinner. Aww!

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Now it’s safe to say this relationship is official. The two have “taken it to the next level” in public for the papz to catch. And by “next level” we mean that they’re holding hands in public. It’s a small step.

We recognize that flipping out over hand-holding is a little reminiscent of middle school when it took you an entire movie to accomplish such a feat. But still! In the celebrity universe, holding hands in public is a massive statement and one we’re happy to see Brit making.

Just a few short months after breaking off her engagement with Jason Trawick (according to them, it was a mutual agreement and, of course, they’re still BFFs or whatever), Brit seems completely back on track. Not only is she dating Lucado, a field researcher for a law firm, she’s also focusing on herself. It sounds like she’s still in talks for a residency in Las Vegas, along with a few other hints that she’s working on new music. Plus, she recently did a photo shoot for her upcoming cover of Shape magazine. Since she also happens to be pretty fit and fab these days, it makes complete sense!

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During her time in the spotlight, Britney Spears has dated some less-than-upstanding citizens. We’ve seen her get her heart broken and watched her life almost fall apart. We’re so happy to see her grinning on the arm of a new, seemingly normal guy. We hope this one lasts!

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