Easter round-up: Best books for kids

Mar 28, 2013 at 9:30 a.m. ET

Who says your child's Easter basket can only be stuffed with chocolate bunnies and marshmallow eggs? Why not put some fun books in there too?

Emeraldalicious by Victoria Kann Emeraldalicious
by Victoria Kann

This enchanting new book in the bestselling Pinkalicious series sends Pinkalicious and her brother Peter on another magical adventure, only this time there's an important environmental message to be learned. Pinkalicious and her little brother take a trip to their favorite park and discover it's littered with trash and debris. Pinkalicious crafts a wand out of flowers and thinks that has magical powers to make everything clean again. With beautiful illustrations in vivid Easter colors, this is the perfect springtime read that your child will love.

The Grumpy Goat
by Brett Helquist

Grumpy Goat by Brett Helquist

This hilarious story about a cranky, hungry and very grumpy goat, written and illustrated by New York Times bestselling illustrator Brett Helquist, celebrates friendship, nature and the important message of why we should all stop and smell the flowers. It's the story of Goat who's making a terrible mess at Sunny Acres Farm. He's destroying everything in his path until he sees a special flower which stops him in his tracks. And once Goat opens his eyes, his heart opens too. Your child will love finding this in their Easter basket. With its luminous paintings of farmyard friends and sprawling fields that bring this inspirational story to life, this story is fun to read with a delightful message to share.

Giant Dance Party by Betsy Bird

Giant Dance Party
by Betsy Bird

It's Easter so why not celebrate with a dance party! And there's nothing like dancing to bring the characters in a children's book to life. Betsy Bird, a New York City librarian, shows in her lovely picture book that she knows exactly the kind of story that will excite young readers. In this fun book, a group of giants shows up at Lexy's door wanting her to teach them how to dance. At first she hesitates, but once she says yes she discovers that not only do these giants learn to move their feet to music, but everyone, including her, also learns to overcome their fears. Brandon Doorman, an award-winning artist whose work can be found on the cover of Goosebumps, makes the perfect collaborator to bring this book to life.

Happy Easter! And please make sure you don't get caught in the act putting these books into your child's basket!

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