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“Fluffy” Pippa Middleton dropped by book agent

Pippa Middleton’s been dropped like a hot potato by her literary agent. After abysmal sales of Celebrate, what lies ahead for the perky sister of pregnant Kate?

Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton‘s future as an author is looking grim. But while the Celebrate author has unfortunately been dropped by by her book agent, we may not have heard the last of Kate Middleton’s little sister’s way with words.

“I am very sorry it has happened, but yes, it is true: I no longer represent Pippa,” her former agent, David Godwin, said last night as news of the dropping spread. “I wish her every good luck.”

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“Theirs was a tricky relationship,” the Daily Mail quotes a literary world insider as commenting. Shedding light on what may have gone awry, the source elaborated: “David was not an obvious choice for Pippa. His writers are heavyweights while Pippa’s niche is fluffy and commercial. In the end it was clear the union was not a happy one.”

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So what’s next for Pippa Middleton, aside from becoming auntie to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s baby, due in July?

The 29-year-old is still signed on to pen a column for Waitrose Kitchen magazine titled “Pippa’s Friday Night Feasts” in April. And let’s not forget that a sequel to Celebrate has been discussed. Showing she’s got a stellar sense of humor even under pressure, the brunette beauty suggested her next book be titled Bottoms Up!

Other reports claim a book about weddings may be in the works, which likely has the folks at The Irish Sun cringing in fear. Panning Pippa Middleton’s initial effort, they wrote, “It is clear that by writing the book Pippa set out to prove that there is far more to her than her pert bottom. But the fact is, there isn’t.”

Do you think Pippa Middleton should try for another book after being dropped?

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