The Big Wedding trailer debuts an all-star cast

Wedding season is upon us! Your presence is requested at The Big Wedding April 26 in theaters near you.

The Big Wedding

Wedding bells are in the air for the latest romantic comedy to hit theaters. It’s been a while since we’ve rolled over in laughter with possibly one of the most infamous weddings of all time in The Wedding Crashers. This spring The Big Wedding is where the all the love-hate action plays out. In this movie, the real wedding crashers are the family itself, with the in-laws and exes creating all the drama.

Everyone loves a good wedding, especially when you don’t have to plan it yourself and you can just be a guest waiting patiently for the reception. After all, the real drama and action happens before and after the wedding, and not in the actual exchanging of the rings, as Robin William’s character Father Monaghan suggests in this clip “Ring, ring… blah blah blah blah.” Of course the best weddings in movies also happen to take place at big houses in the beautiful countryside. An invitation to a big wedding, at a big mansion, in the big country? I do!

The best part about this new movie is the cast of the wedding party, some of whom you’ll remember fondly from past movie weddings. How come they all get invited to the good weddings?!

My all-time favorite mother-of-the-bride and mother-in-law Diane Keaton, who has been in multiple wedding movies, including Father of the Bride, returns to the wedding scene playing the father-of-the-groom’s ex-wife. Katherine Heigl is also known for starring in wedding movies — she played a bridesmaid in 27 Dresses — and Robin Williams for playing a reverend in License to Wed. In fact, you’ll recognize most of the cast from other romantic comedies involving weddings and in-laws, including the father of all father-in-laws Robert De Niro in the Meet the Fockers films.

All of the family drama becomes the big event rather than the wedding. Those of us who have yet to experience the insanity of weddings will find it reassuring to not rush into anything. De Niro’s character Don says, “Stay single as long as you can.” Sorry, Bob, I think I’d rather join in the fun in getting hitched and watch my family and in-laws duke it out.

Have you ever been to a big wedding that was unforgettable?

You’re invited to The Big Wedding in theaters April 26.

Photo credit: Lionsgate