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The Vampire Diaries recap: “Because the Night

Wild child Elena dyes her hair pink while Damon hunts for the cure in New York. Back in Mystic Falls, Bonnie and Silas are becoming BFFs and enact a plan that successfully completes the triangle.

Lexi and Damon in "The Vampire Diaries"

Things on The Vampire Diaries took an unexpected turn this week.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) is in New York. And what’s her big move now that she’s a vampire set loose on the streets?

What any girl would do. She gets her hair dyed with streaks of pink, of course. Yup, she’s a crazy, out of control vampire.

Three’s a crowd in New York

At least, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) thinks it’s going to be a weekend of innocent drinking (both blood and alcohol). Elena knows otherwise. Damon has ulterior motives. He’s also on a hunt for the cure.

Turns out, his friend Will from the last episode (he’s the one Damon killed) owns a bar in New York. Will made extra money by creating identities for vampires in need. One of his big clients was Katherine. Damon plans to find Will’s records on Katherine and use the information to track her down and obtain the cure.

The problem is that Elena figures out his plan. Now that she’s an emotionless vampire, she doesn’t want to be cured. She wants to find the cure for herself so the brothers can’t force her to take it and become human.

Then Rebekah (Claire Holt) shows up and things for Damon take a turn for the worse.

Elena lures Damon to the rooftop of the bar where the three have been partying. Damon tells Elena all about his partying days in the 1970s. Damon had turned off his emotions and was going on a crazy killing spree around the city. Stefan heard about Damon’s trouble and sent Lexi to help him recover his emotions. Instead, Damon spent six months making Lexi fall in love with him before turning on her and abandoning her on a sunny rooftop. Damon explains the reason he killed Lexi (in Season 1) was because every time he saw her, he was reminded of all the horrible things he’d done. It was too much to bear so he snapped.

Damon’s story isn’t enough to convince Elena.

Instead, Rebekah sneaks up behind him and breaks his neck. The two girls steal the papers Damon had found on Katherine’s whereabouts and leave town to find her.

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Back in Mystic Falls, we catch up with Bonnie. Turns out, she’s been lying to all her friends and hanging out with Silas who is posing as Shane. Silas has been brainwashing Bonnie, convincing her to complete the triangle so she can bring her dead friends back to life.

Elena dyes her hair pink in "The Vampire Diaries"

The catch is the 12 who die to complete the triangle must all be witches.

Bonnie agrees to Silas’s plan. She convinces her father that a cleansing spell is necessary in order to purge the expression. They ask a coven of witches to help.

At the same time, Stefan (Paul Wesley), Caroline and Klaus team up to find Silas before he can complete the triangle. They are able to narrow down the location of the massacre to two locations. Stefan heads off in one direction, and Caroline and Klaus go in the other. While Caroline and Klaus hunt for the location of the massacre, Caroline bluntly tells Klaus she can never forgive him for his actions. She says she used to think people who did terrible things could be saved. Now she thinks people who do terrible things are just terrible people.

The triangle is complete

Bonnie meets with a coven of 12 witches at the massacre location.

Stefan shows up right in the middle of the cleansing spell. He tells the witches that Bonnie has been brainwashed by Silas and the gathering is a trap to complete the triangle. When the leader of the coven hears that Bonnie has been taken over by expression and Silas’s influence, she says it’s too late for Bonnie and pulls out a knife.

Before the woman can kill Bonnie, Caroline arrives and stops her by killing her. Because all the witches were linked during the ceremony, Caroline kills all 12 witches, inadvertently completing the triangle.

Caroline feels extremely guilty for her actions and wants to talk to Klaus about what she’s done. He tells her to find someone less terrible she can relate to for comfort.

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Bonnie wakes up in her house and tells Stefan she doesn’t remember anything since she was on the island. She doesn’t even remember that Jeremy is dead. (Could this be a clever lie to absolve her of any blame?)

Silas finds Klaus in the woods as he is burying the bodies of the witches. Silas tells him if Klaus brings him the cure, he won’t use it on Klaus. Klaus refuses, and Silas reveals he has a white oak stake. He stabs Klaus, not killing him but warning him of what will happen if Klaus doesn’t bring him the cure.

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