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Glee recap: “Guilty Pleasures

Rachel discovers Brody is a gigolo and confronts him ending the relationship. Don’t worry, she’s already moved on to Colin, her new boyfriend arm pillow.

Rachel and Brody talk in "Glee"

After tonight’s episode of Glee, the sale of boyfriend arm pillows is sure to rise. Kurt admits it’s his guilty pleasure and snuggles up to the thing with Santana and Rachel (Lea Michele) all episode long. Yes, they really do sell them.

Song #1: “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!

The boyfriend pillow not only made a great companion for Kurt (Chris Colfer), who is still missing Blaine, but Rachel cozied up with one as well after her relationship with Brody ends.

Santana spills the secret on his side job as a gigolo. Rachel confronts him, and the two end their relationship like grown-ups. They yell and Rachel cries but they both recognize it isn’t going to work.

Song #2: “Copacabana” by Barry Manilow

When Brody tells Rachel about Finn’s actions at the hotel room, Rachel admits that part of the reason she started the relationship was just to make Finn jealous. The other part was to help her get over the heartbreak.

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Song #3: “Against All Odds” by Phil Collins

Hopefully this isn’t the end of Brody’s stint on the show. He’s definitely kept things interesting this season and had some of my favorite performances. I still haven’t stopped listening to “How to be a Heartbreaker,” from last week’s episode.

At McKinley High, Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison) is out sick. (Why does it seem like his episodes are becoming few and far between?) Sam and Blaine still decide to hold glee club in his absence and encourage the glee kids to spill their guilty pleasures as a teambuilding exercise in preparation for regionals.

Song #4: “Wannabe” by The Spice Girls

Sam especially encourages Blaine to spill his guilty pleasure, but Blaine is too embarrassed to admit that he has a crush on Sam.

From The Spice Girls to Barry Manilow, the classmates support the guilty pleasures of their friends until Jake decides he wants to sing a Chris Brown song. Marley and the other girls are furious and tell Jake he can’t perform one of Brown’s songs.

Song #5: “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown

Jake says he can like someone’s music without supporting the person’s actions. He argues that he doesn’t see Chris Brown as a role model, but he still likes his songs.

The New Direction perform in "Glee"

Song #6: “Creep” by Radiohead

In the end, he decides not to sing a Chris Brown song and apologizes to Marley for making her upset. She forgives him and the two are back to making googly eyes at one another, though it doesn’t seem like the issue is fully resolved.

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Finally, Sam finds Blaine on the stage and tells him he knows Blaine has a crush on him. Sam tells Blaine he’s known all year. In fact, he says he would have been offended if Blaine didn’t have a crush on him because he knows how good looking he is. Sam is sure that it won’t affect their friendship because he and Blaine are like brothers.

Song #7: “Mamma Mia” by ABBA

Rachel tells Kurt and Santana that she and Brody are done for good. The three dance it out to “Mamma Mia” and wave around their boyfriend arms while the glee club at McKinley joins the song wearing white spandex blinged out with gold for a costume-clad performance to close out the show.

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