Tina Fey visits Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio

Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin believes people are either “mavericks or not mavericks.” That seems like sound logic.

Tina Fey visits Inside the Actors' Studio

As if her appearance in movies and on TV weren’t enough to make her an actress, we can no longer just refer to the brilliant and funny Tina Fey as just a comedian. James Lipton helped seal the deal by inviting the beautiful brunette to appear on Bravo’s Inside the Actors Studio. He even dubbed her his “smartest guest” ever.

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She’s got to be the funniest, too. Her background in improv really paid off when Lipton asked her to answer some questions as Sarah Palin, an impersonation that perhaps became more well-loved than the actual politician during the 2008 campaign season.

It’s been years since the public has been treated to her characterization of the Palin, but she slipped right back into it as soon as Lipton asked.

Once she was in Palin mode, Lipton did a mini-interview with her and Fey, as Palin, quipped answers on topics like gun control (“If everybody had guns, then there would be fewer in the stores.”) and same sex marriage (“Marriage is meant for people who wear different types of bathing suits.”). She even called the always stoic interviewer “Jimmy.” We imagine that even when Lipton was a toddler, he still went by “James.”

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One of the signatures of an Inside the Actors Studio interview is Lipton’s quick-fire round (though, we’re pretty sure he doesn’t call it that). During that time, he asks questions such as “What’s your favorite curse word?” (Fey’s is “s*** balls.”) or just “What is your favorite word?” (“Hilarious,” but with the Tracy Morgan pronunciation.) Our favorite question (and answer), though, was when Lipton asked her what she’d like to hear God say when she arrives at the pearly gates.

Her answer? “You’re roommates with Oprah!”

Man, we love Tina Fey! Her interview with Lipton premiered earlier this week, but check your local listings for the multiple repeats shown on Bravo and find one that works best for you. You don’t want to miss this episode.

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