Miley Cyrus twerking video: Watch the “onesie” wonder

Miley Cyrus is a twerking unicorn and the internet at large can’t get enough. Watch as the future Mrs. Liam Hemsworth does a mesmerizing dance in her ultra-efficient “onesie”.

Miley Cyrus

When Miley Cyrus dons a unicorn “onesie” and gets to twerking, the world watches. Check out the video below of the 20-year-old shaking her tail, hooves and behind for the camera!

Why a unicorn outfit for the video? Miley Cyrus never said, but she did note to Twitter followers that the garment’s efficiency is commendable. The probably-still-engaged singer wrote Wednesday, “When you don’t know what to wear…. Wear a onezie. #killtwobirdswithoneonezie.”

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Don’t bother trying to overanalyze whether or not she actually looks like a unicorn, just take her word for it and enjoy the fun. Clarifying which creature she chose to twerk as, the tattooed lady wrote, “Dear Worldstar Hiphop, I’m a twerking unicorn NOT frog .”

After the twerking video, posted to YouTube Wednesday, became a success, Ms Cyrus hinted that we haven’t yet seen the last of her Hannah Montana-grown dance skills.

“Next video…. I’m gonna really show em was up. #handstand,” she tweeted.

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After singer-songwriter Claude Kelly tweeted, “So glad youtube didnt exist when i was a kid! def wouldve been tempted to post some dumb vid singing/dancing that i’d regret later in life,” the twerking video star asked cheekily, “Like twerking in a unicorn onezie?”

There’s no shame in this mammal’s dancing game!

Without further ado, we bring you Miley Cyrus twerking in a unicorn onesie — because why not?

Are you a fan of Miley Cyrus’ twerking video, or not so much?

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