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New artist profile: AlunaGeorge

British sensation AlunaGeorge met online and their musical love story features R&B vocals against an electronic backdrop.


Social media have officially taken over. Yesterday, I got a friend request from my grandmother. Suddenly you can keep in touch and track of friends far and near — not to mention make new ones in the process.

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Perhaps you’ve met a few people online, but have you ever thought of forming a band online? AlunaGeorge was already two steps ahead four years ago. While you were updating your profile with the latest glitter gifs (or was that just me?), they were set on a collision course for an exothermic musical explosion.

Aluna Francis and George Reid met through Myspace in 2009, the Guardian reports. Reid had remixed her single, “Sweetheart,” it garnered attention, and the rest was history.

As far as their future goes, I want to claim they’re destined for stardom. This British duo is raging with creativity for their genre “hip pop.” The first video I fell for was “Your Drums, Your Love,” because their energy is so smooth, it’s as though their music was effortless. Fans have tried to describe them and their attempts range from “creepy” to “genius.” Their sound is not normal, but it should be the new normal.

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Aluna’s high-pitched voice is unusually sultry and it’s set against video game-like beats. Their music is slick and their contrast strange, but it leaves you wanting. I know their music opened my eyes to this genre. If we can love house music and love dreamy R&B vocals, why not have them together? It’s the PB&J of music!

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While I leave you now to enjoy their basslines on repeat, it must be noted that their baseline of music is what other artists could consider their best. Mark my words — this a band you want to follow! Oh and Sugababes fans? Do you feel like Aluna sounds like a long lost member? Comment below! Their latest release, “Attracting Flies” is for your viewing pleasure below.

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